Arrow’s Reply to Santa

Dear Santa:

I did try to be a good boy for the whole year but it is hard because my sister, Cutie, swats me first. I do cry sometimes but that is only because I want to play with Cutie and she won’t play with me.

The reason I want the receipt paper is because I wanted them for Cutie. She loves it when Daddy crumples them up and throws them on the floor for her to play with. I love my sister very much and I just wanted to make her happy.

About the shoelaces. That was for both Cutie and I. We love playing with shoelaces that Mommy and Daddy dangle for us. We play for hours with them. We like to chase them too.

The reason I asked for the cardboard boxes is because Cutie and I hide in them and play peek-a-boo. We love doing that. Sometimes we hide in them so good that even Mommy and Daddy can’t find us.



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