Trickster Bunny’s Christmas Adventure

“What I wouldn’t give for a new dishwasher!” exclaimed Mother, while she was washing the breakfast dishes by hand.

“Christmas is coming,” said Trickster Bunny. “Maybe Santa will bring you one.”

“I doubt that very much,” said Mother. “We didn’t put it on our Christmas list.”

“I will go to the North Pole and ask Santa myself,” said Trickster.

“Sure,” said Mother, not thinking Trickster would ever do such a thing.  “Just make sure you are home for supper.”

“Okay,” said Trickster.

Trickster started walking down the road. He saw his friend, Fred Fox.

“Fred,” said Trickster. “I am going to the North Pole to see if Santa will bring my mother a dishwasher for Christmas.”

“Can I come with you?” asked Fred.

“Sure,” said Trickster.

Trickster and Fred walked down their road until they came to a fork in the road.

“Which way?” asked Fred.

“This way,” said Trickster, choosing the road that headed north.

“How do you know which way is north?” asked Fred.

“Pretty sure the North Pole is north,” said  Trickster, pointing to a sign that read ‘North Pole this way’.

“I suppose that is right then,” said Fred.

Trickster and Fred kept walking and they finally got to the North Pole.

“Trickster and Fred,” a jolly man with a long white beard said, as he opened the front door to his castle. “It is so nice to  see you.”

“Thank you Santa,” said Trickster, as Santa motioned them to come inside. “So, what brings you & the North Pole?”

“My mother needs a new dishwasher for Christmas,” said Trickster. “She has to wash the dishes by hand.”

“I see,” said Santa. “Do you have that many dirty dishes?”

“We have tons,” said Trickster. “I have ten sisters.”

“Oh my!” exclaimed Santa. “That would be a lot of dirty dishes. Yes, I will get your mother a dishwasher for Christmas.”

“Thank you,” said Trickster.” What time is it? I have to be home for supper?”

“I am afraid you will never make it,” said Santa, looking at the clock on the wall. “I have an idea. I will take you and Fred home in the sleigh. I just happen to have a dishwasher on the sleigh too.”

“Mother will be so happy,” said Trickster.

“With 11 children,” said Santa. “Your mother needs an early Christmas present.”

Santa and the reindeer flew Trickster and Fred home. They arrived just in time for dinner.

“Mother,” said Trickster. “I have two more guests for supper.”

“Oh dear,” said Mother. “I don’t mind the extra company for dinner but I do mind the extra dishes.”

“You won’t have to worry about the extra dishes,” said Trickster, as Santa and Fred carried the dishwasher into the kitchen.  “Santa is letting you have your Christmas gift early.”

“Oh my!” cried Mother. “In that case, I hope Santa and Fred will stay for dinner  and dessert.”

“It would be my pleasure,” said Santa. “Merry Christmas!”

Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to do a good deed for someone.
  • Example: Trickster went to the North Pole to tell Santa that Mother needed a new dishwasher.
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