Angry Baker’s Christmas Cake

“I have the perfect idea for a special Christmas cake,” said Angry Baker, holding an old beat up recipe card in his hand. “I remember my grandmother making this. It was so light and moist.”

“What is it?” asked Angry Baker’s fiancée, Melissa.

“Grandmother used to call it Pineapple Heaven Cake,” said Angry Baker.

“Just the name of it sounds delicious,” said Melissa.

“Oh it is!” exclaimed Angry Baker.

Angry Baker started making a grocery list and he was at the grocery store first thing the next morning. He went up and down the aisles of the fresh produce section. He looked on every display and in every nook and cranny but he could not find any fresh pineapple anywhere.

“Excuse me,” said Angry Baker, when he saw Dave, the produce manager. “Where is your fresh pineapple?”

“We actually don’t have any,” said Dave. “Perhaps I can interest you in some fresh mango instead.”

“What kind of grocery store are you?” yelled Angry Baker, angrily.

“The same kind of grocery store as the rest of the grocery stores in Calgary, or for that matter, the rest of Alberta,” said Dave. “I guess you haven’t heard that a bug killed off pineapples this summer. There just aren’t any pineapple to be had.”

“Oh,” said Angry Baker, sheepishly. “I am sorry. I didn’t know.”

Angry Baker checked a few other grocery stores but there was not a single fresh pineapple to be had.

“Now what am I going to do?” asked Angry Baker, once he was back at his bakery.

“I think you are forgetting who you are in love with,” said Melissa. “I just happen to know where there is a case of fresh pineapples.”

“Are you serious?” asked Angry Baker, totally forgetting that Melissa worked for a distribution company.

Melissa got on the phone and within an hour, Angry Baker had a case of fresh pineapple.

“Thank you so much,” said Angry Baker, giving Melissa a big hug and kiss. You are a life saver.”

Angry Baker spent the rest of the day baking his Pineapple Heaven Cake. He gave the first piece to Melissa.

“That cake is pure heaven,” said Melissa.

“It tastes just like the one my grandmother used to make,” said Angry Baker, very pleased with how it turned out.

Angry Baker took a slice of it over to Dave, the produce manager that he yelled at that morning.

“Absolute heaven,” said Dave, taking a big bite of it. “Where did you get the fresh pineapple?”

“I have inside sources,” laughed Angry Baker.

Moral of this Story:

  • Always appreciate your loved ones.
  • Example: Angry Baker looked everywhere for fresh pineapple. He should just have asked his fiancée, Melissa, to start with.
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