Evil Elf and his Evil Deeds

“I am going to be very evil this Christmas,” said Evil Elf to himself. “I am going to get the other elves into trouble.”

“You will do no such thing,” said Santa, who just happened to walk into the workshop and overhear what Evil Elf had just said. “We need to get to the bottom of your behaviour. What exactly is causing you to be so evil?”

“I don’t know,” said Evil Elf.

“I am going to keep my eye on you,” said Santa.

Evil Elf continued working in the workshop alongside the other elves. Santa kept watching him. He noticed that while working, Evil Elf was agitated. Santa noticed that Evil Elf was just waiting to do something evil.

Suzie Elf walked by Evil Elf’s workstation. Santa noticed that Evil Elf kept glancing from a pair of scissors on the workbench to Suzie’s long ponytail. Santa saw Evil reach for the scissors.

“Ahem!” said Santa, clearing his throat loudly.

Evil Elf put the scissors down and continued working.

Soon after that, Henry Elf walked by Evil Elf’s workstation. Santa saw Evil Elf put his foot out. Henry Elf almost tripped over it. Thankfully for Henry, Santa called Evil Elf over to him.

“Evil Elf,” said Santa in a stern voice. “In the ten minutes I have been watching you, you were going to cut Suzie Elf’s ponytail and you were going to trip Henry Elf. Thank goodness I was here to stop you. I can’t have you working in the workshop any longer. I want you to go outside and work in the stables. You can help Arthur Elf look after the reindeer.”

Evil Elf packed up his things and went to the stables to work with Arthur Elf. A few minutes later, Santa followed him. This time he did not tell Evil Elf that he was watching him. What Santa saw was amazing. Evil Elf was a whole different elf outside of the workshop.

“Maybe he just doesn’t like being cooped up indoors,” Santa thought to himself. “It looks like Arthur Elf has a new permanent assistant.”

Evil Elf enjoyed his new job very much. He did still try to pull the odd evil deed here and there but it was never during work hours.

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