Edith’s Christmas

It was a very cold and snowy Christmas morning. Edith St. Pierre was waiting in anticipation for her Christmas gift from Santa. She had tried so hard all year to be good and she believed that she was on her best behavior ever. She really wanted a new phone for Christmas. She wanted one that would take good pictures of her grandchildren.

Edith unwrapped the last of her gifts and there was no phone to be seen. She couldn’t believe that Santa didn’t bring her what she wanted.

“Just once why can’t that guy in red bring me what I want,” said Edith getting up to go start cooking Christmas breakfast for her family. “I really, really tried all this year to be good and what good did it do me.”

Edith was very upset with the man in the red suit. All she wanted was a phone. She just couldn’t understand how he could forget about her. After all, she knew that most of her friends were getting a new phone for Christmas. Where was hers? Edith ate her breakfast in silence. She was mumbling under her breath though as she took each bite of food.

Just then, there was a knock on the door. Edith went to answer it and she was shocked to find Santa Claus at the door.

“I think I may have forgotten to give this to you,” said Santa Claus, holding out a small gift wrapped package.

Edith didn’t hesitate. She tore the wrappers off the gift and she was in awe that Santa actually remembered her. She was also in awe that Santa also remembered the right phone. This is exactly what she wanted. She asked her husband, Willie, to snap a picture of her and Santa Claus with her new phone. There was no way that anyone was going to believe this story but with a picture, at least she had proof.

“Thank you so much Santa,” said Edith.

“Now,” said Santa. “Are you going to take back all those nasty things you were mumbling under your breath about me?”

“Gee,” said Edith. “I don’t know what you are talking about. I never said anything nasty.”

“So,” said Santa. “You didn’t say that you wanted to tear a strip off me?”

“I don’t recall,” said Edith.

“I don’t recall giving you this phone then,” said Santa, taking the phone from Edith’s hand.

“Okay fine,” said Edith. “I will take back what I said.”

“Okay,” said Santa giving the phone back to Edith. “That is better. Now enjoy your new phone and Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!

This story was written for Edith St. Pierre. She won a Story Written for You because she was the first person to like the Read a Christmas Story Facebook page on December 10, 2013.

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