Merry Christmas to Becky Bobcat

Becky Bobcat was out wandering around the snow covered field just before Christmas when she saw a reindeer a few feet in front of her. She froze and marveled at the beauty of it and wondered what it was doing there. It was not an area that reindeers would frequent.

Becky Bobcat heard a sound. It sounded like sleigh bells. She looked up toward the sky and she saw a sleigh. The sleigh was being pulled by seven reindeers and the driver of the sleigh wore a red suit. The sleigh seemed to be having a problem. It looked like it was off balance.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Becky Bobcat. “It is Santa Claus.”

“Oh dear!” exclaimed Santa Claus. “Where is my reindeer? I can’t seem to fly this sleigh straight with just seven reindeer.”

Becky Bobcat thought for a quick moment about whether she would tell Santa Claus where his other reindeer was.

“What has Santa ever done for me?” asked Becky Bobcat to herself. “He never brings me the gifts I want.”

Becky Bobcat looked up into the air again and she saw the sleigh was very crooked. It looked like it was going to crash.

“Santa,” said Becky Bobcat. “I know where your reindeer is.”

“Oh thank goodness,” said Santa, who had just landed the sleigh safely. “Thank you so much Becky Bobcat.”

“You know my name,” said Becky Bobcat, impressed.

“I know everyone’s name,” said Santa. “I am Santa Claus.”

Santa fetched his reindeer and hooked it back up to the sleigh. He came over to Becky Bobcat when he was finished.

“I want to give you this,” said Santa Claus, handing a Christmas gift to Becky Bobcat. “This is for helping me find my reindeer.”

“What is it?” asked Becky Bobcat.

“Open it up,” said Santa, flying off in his sleigh with his eight reindeer.

Becky Bobcat opened the gift that Santa had given her and inside it was a beautiful collar made out of gold and diamonds.

“Thank you,” Becky Bobcat called to Santa. “This is exactly what I wanted for Christmas this year.”

“You are welcome,” Santa waved back. “Merry Christmas to you Becky Bobcat.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Generosity and kindness are rewarded in unexpected ways.
  • Example: Becky Bobcat’s decision to help Santa, despite her initial hesitation, led to a joyful surprise that fulfilled her own Christmas wish.
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