Troll Baby and the Summer Infant Gate

Mother Troll was sitting outside on the front porch. It was a warm, summer evening. The troll children were in bed and Troll Daddy was out in the field, looking after the animals.

“Ah!!!” exclaimed Troll Mother, feeling a cool breeze on her face. “That feels so nice!”

Just then, Troll Mother heard Troll Baby laughing.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Troll Mother when she saw Troll Baby standing up by himself on the kitchen floor.

“You are walking!” Troll Mother couldn’t believe it, her little troll baby was actually walking. Troll Daddy had just stepped in the kitchen door. He was ecstatic.

“Wow!” exclaimed Troll Daddy. “Our little troll baby is growing up!”

“Yes,” exclaimed Troll Mother. “He sure is!”

The next morning, Troll Daddy was in the kitchen eating his breakfast. He heard little footsteps behind him. He turned around and there, in the hallway, was Troll Baby.

“You are just walking around everywhere!” exclaimed Troll Daddy.

“He sure is!” exclaimed Troll Mother, standing behind Troll Baby, with an armload of clothing in her arms.

“He tried to come down the basement stairs,” said Troll Mother.

Troll Daddy went into town that afternoon. He went into a department store and looked at several infant baby gates. There was a summer infant baby gate that had little butterfly decals on it and it was baby blue in colour. The rest of them were just plain wood. The summer infant baby gate was on sale too.

Troll Daddy was bringing the summer infant baby gate into the house when he heard Troll Baby crying.

“What happened!” Troll Daddy exclaimed, when he saw Troll Mother cuddling up to Troll Baby.

“Troll Baby just fell down the stairs,” Troll Mommy cried.

“Oh dear!” exclaimed Troll Daddy, showing Troll Mother what he had just purchased. “Looks like I was just a little bit too late.”

“Well,” said Troll Mother. “You were a little bit too late this time, but at least there won’t be a next time.”

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