Spring Sale

“I am thinking about having a spring sale,” said Bobby the Butcher.

“You mean like a yard sale,” said Aunt Jessica.

“No,” said Bobby. “I mean a sale, here, in the butcher shop. I want to attract new customers.”

“Why on earth would you want to do such a thing!” shouted Aunt Jessica. “Take care of the customers you already have!”

Aunt Jessica stormed out of the butcher shop. Bobby had no idea why she was so upset. He went to find her.

Bobby found her in the back alley. She was speaking to someone on the phone.

“Probably that warlock husband of hers,” thought Bobby to himself.

Bobby didn’t want anything to do with a conversation between his Aunt Jessica and her husband Desmond. He was heading back inside the shop, but then he overheard Aunt Jessica say something he wish he had never heard.

“No,” said Aunt Jessica, into her cell phone. “Bobby has no idea that I am opening my own butcher shop.”

“You are what!” shouted Bobby.

“You heard me,” said Aunt Jessica, glad that it was all out in the open.

“Good luck with that,” said Bobby, walking away. ”By  the way, you are fired!”

Bobby had bent over backwards trying to help his displaced Aunt. She had done so many hurtful things to their family and it always came down to the fact that she dabbled in witchcraft but this was more to the fact that she was married to a warlock.

“There comes a time when enough is enough,” said Bobby to himself.

Bobby went into his office in the butcher shop. He noticed the family butcher knife, that he had hanging on the wall, was glowing brightly.

“I know I am doing the right thing,” said Bobby, smiling back at the knife.

That butcher knife had been in the family for generations. It belonged to his grandfather, who bought it from a door-to-door salesman. The knife held magical powers. It glowed when the right person was in charge of running the family butcher shop or when the right decision had been made.


Moral of this Story:

  • Sometimes you have to put your foot down, even with family members.
  • Example: Bobby the Butcher had to fire his Aunt Jessica because she was planning to run her own butcher shop.

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