Daddy Pea Pod is Jealous

“What is that little man doing out there in the field?” asked Daddy Pea Pod.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Mommy Pea Pod. “That little man is a leprechaun.”

“It is St. Patrick’s Day,” said Daddy Pea Pod.

“He is dancing,” said Mommy Pea Pod. “He looks adorable.”

“What do you mean he looks adorable?” asked Daddy Pea Pod with a hint of jealousy in his voice.

“Just look at his little green suit,” said Mommy Pea Pod.

“How come when I wore my green suit, you didn’t say that I was adorable?” asked Daddy Pea Pod.

“I didn’t say you were adorable,” said Mommy Pea Pod. “However, I did say that you were extremely handsome.”

“Oh yes,” said Daddy Pea Pod. “I remember that.”

“Let’s go dance with the leprechaun,” said Mommy Pea Pod.

“I don’t think we should,” Daddy Pea Pod was about to say, before Mommy Pea Pod dragged him out into the field.

Mommy Pea Pod danced with Daddy Pea Pod, right beside the leprechaun.

“Happy St. Patrick’s Day,” said the leprechaun.

“Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you as well,” said Mommy Pea Pod, dancing up a storm.

“You are a wonderful dancer,” said the leprechaun.

“My wife is the best dancer I know of,” said Daddy Pea Pod, seething with jealousy.

“You’d better be careful,” said the leprechaun. “I just may steal her away from you.”

“You wouldn’t dare,” said Daddy Pea Pod, getting very warm under the collar.

Mommy Pea Pod could see that Daddy Pea Pod was getting agitated and while she thought it was cute that the two men were arguing over her, she knew she had to put a stop to it.

“Okay guys,” said Mommy Pea Pod. “That is enough. Let’s just dance and have some fun.”

Mommy Pea Pod danced some more with Daddy Pea Pod not letting the leprechaun get too close.

“Allow me to give you this pot of gold,” said the leprechaun, handing it to Daddy Pea Pod, once they had finished dancing. “I do hope you know I would never try to take your wife from you. I was just kidding around.”

“Of course,” said Daddy Pea Pod, handing the pot of gold back. “I can’t accept this gold. To be quite honest, we are just sweet peas and have no need for money.”

“I appreciate that,” said the leprechaun. “You two are the sweetest couple I know. Happy St. Patrick’s Day.”

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