An Extra Pot of Gold

“That is a beautiful necklace,” said Mother Leprechaun, looking at a jewelry catalogue. “Look at how it sparkles!”

When Mother laid the catalogue down, Tommy Leprechaun took a look at it.

“That is not fair!” Tommy said to himself angrily. “I found something Mother likes but I can’t afford it.”

Tommy really wanted to buy Mother the necklace she wanted. She has always been so good to him.

“What is wrong?” asked Grand Old Leprechaun, when he stopped by Tommy’s house later that morning.

“I need an extra pot of gold,” said Tommy.

“What for?” asked Grand Old Leprechaun.

“Why do I have to tell you every single time I want a pot of gold?” yelled Tommy angrily.

“Settle down,” said Grand Old Leprechaun. “Don’t be so angry. Every leprechaun must tell me what he wants the gold for. I am accountable for the gold we give out.”

“I am sorry,” said Tommy, feeling bad that he yelled at Grand Old Leprechaun. “Mother saw a necklace that she really liked. Her birthday is on St. Patrick’s Day and I really want to get that necklace for her.”

“Well,” said Grand Old Leprechaun. “I know your mother deserves to have it. She takes really good care of you.”

“I would really like to buy it for her,” said Tommy. “I would really like to get her something special.”

“I think I can get you that extra pot of gold,” said Grand Old Leprechaun.

“That would be wonderful,” said Tommy. “Thank you!”

As soon as Grand Old Leprechaun gave Tommy the extra pot of gold, he ordered the necklace for his mother. It arrived just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, Mother’s birthday.

“It is even more beautiful in real life,” said Mother, looking at herself in the mirror after Tommy had given her the necklace. “I love it!”

Mother gave Tommy a big hug and she kissed him on his forehead.

“Happy birthday Mother,” said Tommy, giving her a kiss and a hug too.

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