Grampy’s Little Green Car and the Pot of Gold

It was St. Patrick’s Day and Grampy was in his garage washing his little green car.

“Boy,” said Grampy. “I don’t know how you got so dirty but you sure look nice and clean now.”

“Nice car,” Grampy heard someone say.

Grampy looked all around the garage. He didn’t see anyone there.

“I’m over here,” said the voice. “I am sitting on top of your toolbox.”

Grampy turned around to where his toolbox was and he saw a leprechaun sitting there.

“A leprechaun!” exclaimed Grampy. “This is my lucky day. Where is my pot of gold?”

Grampy was so excited. He could hardly wait to get his pot of gold. He had never seen a pot of gold before.

“Wait a minute,” said the leprechaun. “Who said I was going to give you a pot of gold?”

“You mean you aren’t going to give me a pot of gold?” asked Grampy, disappointed.

“Not likely,” said the leprechaun. “I would sure like to go for a ride.”

“Hop in,” said Grampy. “I have to get gas anyway.”

“I can’t get down from here,” said the leprechaun.

“For someone who won’t give me a pot of gold,” said Grampy, lifting the leprechaun down and putting him in the passenger side of the car. “You sure do ask for a lot.”

Grampy started up the little green car and the leprechaun grinned from ear to ear.

“I love the sound of this car,” said the leprechaun.

Grampy took his little green car to get some gas and when he got back in the car, he saw the smile on the leprechaun’s face. He took the leprechaun for a longer ride.

“Thank you,” said the leprechaun, when Grampy pulled his little green car back into the garage. “I enjoyed that very much.”

“I did too,” said Grampy.

“Here,” said the leprechaun, handing Grampy a pot of gold.

“Thank you very much,” said Grampy. “That is very kind of you. Come back next St. Patrick’s Day and I will take you for another ride.”

“Sure thing,” said the leprechaun.


Moral of this Story:

  • Leprechauns can be nice sometimes.
  • Example: Grampy asked the leprechaun for a pot of gold. The leprechaun told him he wasn’t giving him one but that was before the leprechaun went for a car ride.

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