Mr. Egghead and Green Ham

“That experiment you are doing smells like ham,” said Mr. Egghead, rolling his way over to the edge of the table where Professor Edelamn was walking. “It smells so good. You know how good eggs and ham taste.”

“Yes,” said Professor Edelamn, laughing. “I do know how good eggs and ham taste.”

“What are you doing?” asked Mr. Egghead.

“I am actually trying to make green ham,” said Professor Edelamn. “It is St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow.”

“Green ham!” screamed Mr. Egghead. “Why green ham and what is St. Patrick’s Day?”

“I am trying to create a green breakfast meal for tomorrow,” said Professor Edelamn. “St. Patrick’s Day is an Irish celebration of leprechauns, four-leaf clovers and pots of gold.

“That sounds like so much fun,” said Mr. Egghead. “But why green ham?”

“Well,” said Professor Edelamn. “Leprechauns dress in green outfits, they drink green beer and four-leaf clovers are green.”

Mr. Egghead took a good look at the pan that Professor Edelamn had the slice of ham in. He could see that it had turned green in one corner of it.

“This slice of ham has turned green,” said Mr. Egghead.

“Really,” said Professor Edelamn, excitedly.

Professor Edelamn looked in the pan and he was very upset at what he saw.

“The ham is green alright,” said Professor Edelamn. “That green is mould. My experiment is ruined!”

Professor Edelamn was very upset. He had spent a few days trying to create green ham.

“Poor Professor Edelamn,” said Mr. Egghead to himself as Professor Edelamn took the mouldy piece of ham to the garbage bin in the kitchen. “I have to find a way to cheer him up.”

Mr. Egghead rolled himself into the kitchen. He saw a bottle of green food colouring on the counter. He tried opening up the bottle but some of it splashed on him.

“Food colouring,” said Professor Edelamn. “What a brilliant idea. Now we can have green eggs and green ham. Mr. Egghead you are a genius.”

Professor Edelamn showed up at the St. Patrick’s Day breakfast with an all green breakfast and it was a hit.


Moral of this Story:

  • Never eat anything that is mouldy.
  • Example: Professor Edelamn thought his experiment to make green ham was ruined when there was mould on the ham. However, Mr. Egghead saved the day with some green food colouring.

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