“Hey Ice,” said Arrow, one morning just after getting up out of bed. “Let’s play!”

“Okay,” said Ice, always wanting a friend to play with, even if that friend is a kitten and even if sometimes that kitten makes him very jealous.

Arrow went over to Ice and jumped on his back and then Arrow saw Ice’s big long tail sticking out so he decided he would play with it. Ice and Arrow were having lots of fun until Arrow saw Mommy coming down the hallway.

“Bet I can get to Mommy before you can,” said Arrow to Ice, who was already halfway down the hall, waiting for Mommy to bend over and pick him up.

“Not fair,” said Ice, who was now jealous because Arrow was in Mommy’s arms.

“That is what you get for being a big dog,” said Arrow. “See I’m just a little kitten and I can run faster than you.”

Mommy came out into the living room and saw Ice sitting there on his mat.

“You are being a good boy,” said Mommy to Ice, while petting Arrow. “I bet you want some cookies.”

Ice sat straight up and wagged his big tail. Mommy sat Arrow down on the floor and went to the kitchen and got Ice some dog biscuits. She set them down on Ice’s mat and Ice sat down to eat them.

“Where’s my cookies?” Arrow asked Ice, after Mommy set him down on the floor.

“Oh Arrow,” laughed Ice. “Are you jealous?”

“Yes,” said Arrow. “I guess I am but, how come only dogs get cookies.”

“Well,” said Ice. “For one thing, these cookies are made just for dogs and for another thing, you’d never be able to bite into one of these without busting all your little baby teeth.”

“Are you making fun of my teeth?” asked Arrow.

“No,” said Ice. “I’m telling you the truth though. You would never be able to bite into one.”

“Let me try,” said Arrow.

Ice moved one of the cookies toward Arrow with his paw. Arrow picked the cookie up in his mouth and he played with it for a bit, then he took a giant bite out of it and he didn’t hurt his teeth at all.

“I’m not sharing my cookies with you every single day,” said Ice.

“Oh yes you will,” said Arrow, showing Ice his sharp claws.

“I guess you are right,” said Ice. “Okay you can take one of my cookies every day then.”

“Deal,” said Arrow.

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