Pirate Pete Really is a Gentleman

Pirate Pete and Slappy, one of his crew, were standing on the deck of the pirate ship. Pirate Pete held a bottle of rum up to his lips and then passed it over to Slappy. Slappy took a sip.

“Take a man sip,” laughed Pirate Pete. “That was just a baby sip.”

“Well,” said Slappy. “I am going to wait until we get capture that boat over there.”

“What boat?” asked Pirate Pete, putting his bottle of rum down and reaching for the binocolars that were hanging on the wall beside him.

Pirate Pete saw a boat heading toward his ship. He was shocked to see that the boat was filled with beautiful women. Pirate Pete put the binoculars back on the wall and he went to reach for his bottle of rum but it had rolled overboard.

“Find me another bottle of rum,” said Pirate Pete to Slappy. “And quick.”

Slappy went to find Rusty, his co-worker. Rusty always knew where to find a bottle of rum. Slappy returned with two bottles of rum.

“Tell Rusty thanks,” said Pirate Pete. “Oh and I want this ship cleaned before those girls come aboard.”

“Yes Pirate Pete,” said Slappy. “Rusty and I will get right on it.”

“Oh and one more thing,” said Pirate Pete. “You treat those girls with respect once they come aboard.”

“But Pirate Pete,” said Slappy. “We wanted to dance with them.”

“Nobody on this ship will ever lay a finger on a lady,” said Pirate Pete.

“Wow,” said Slappy. “This isn’t your regular run of the mill pirate ship.”

“That is because I am not your regular run of the mill pirate,” laughed Pirate Pete.

“I noticed,” laughed Slappy.

Pirate Pete’s crew helped each of the ladies onto the ship. They treated all the ladies kindly.

“We were afraid to board your ship,” said one of the ladies, Ellen.

“Why is that?” asked Pirate Pete.

“Well because this is a pirate ship,” said Ellen.

“Yes,” said Pirate Pete. “However, I treat women with respect and dignity.”

“You are a cool pirate,” said Ellen, giving Pirate Pete a kiss on his cheek.

“Thank you,” blushed Pirate Pete.

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