Halloween Safety

I was recently visiting with Old Jack. Old Jack is a jack-o-lantern from the story Old Jack, on the Storyland website. Old Jack has seen many, many Halloweens and I thought he was the perfect one to visit to get some Halloween safety tips.

“So, Safety Kid,” said Old Jack. “Halloween can be a lot of fun but you do have to be very careful. Take for instance myself. I only use the small votive candles inside me but others do use the larger candles. They can be very dangerous if they were knocked over by accident.”

“True,” I said, knowing that Old Jack was right. “Votive candles are much safer.”

“And talk about safety,” said Old Jack, pointing to a child walking up the steps toward him. “That kid is going to seriously injure himself with that mask he has on.”

Old Jack noticed a child wearing a mask that pretty much covered up his eyes. The child could not see where he was going. Luckily the mother of the child was with him. I explained to her how unsafe her child’s mask was. When the child came back to where she was, she immediately took the mask off the child’s face.

“Thank you Safety Kid,” she waved as her and her child went down the road to do some more trick-or-treating.

“Hey Safety Kid,” said Old Jack. “Look at that child’s costume.”

Old Jack was pointing to another child that had a costume that went right down over his shoes and the child was tripping on it. I went over to the child and asked him if it would be alright if I fixed his costume for him. He gladly accepted my help. All I did was roll the costume up at his waistline and that did the trick.

“Thank you Safety Kid,” waved the child, happy, because he could now walk around in his costume without tripping on it.

“And look at the one,” pointed Old Jack. “That child should have a flashlight or some reflectors on his costume.”

“Definitely,” I said noticing the child that Old Jack had pointed out.

The child had a black costume on with black make-up all over his face and it was pitch black outside.

“Here,” I said, handing the child my flashlight. “I think you need this more than I do.”

“Thanks,” said the child. “The batteries in my flashlight burned out. Now I feel much safer.”

Old Jack and I saw several other safety issues that evening and we were able to help each one of them out. It is very important to be safe on Halloween because there are a lot of things that could hurt you while you are trick-or-treating.


Moral of this Story:

  • Please be mindful of Halloween safety rules.
  • Example: Safety Kid and Old Jack saw several safety issues on Halloween night.

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