Pumpkin Patch

“We must go to the pumpkin patch to pick out our Halloween pumpkin,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “Halloween is tomorrow.” “We could go right now,” said Poor Mountain Father. “I have nothing planned for this morning.” Poor Mountain Mother grabbed her coat and her and Poor Mountain Father walked down the laneway to their pumpkin […] Read More

Spooky Alley

It was Halloween night and Douglas showed up at Eunice’s door with his trick-or-treat bag wide open hoping to get some more candy. As soon as Eunice saw him, she dragged him by the arm and pulled him inside. “Douglas,” said Eunice. “What are you doing trick-or-treating at my door? I thought we were going […] Read More

Halloween Safety

I was recently visiting with Old Jack. Old Jack is a jack-o-lantern from the story Old Jack, on the Storyland website. Old Jack has seen many, many Halloweens and I thought he was the perfect one to visit to get some Halloween safety tips. “So, Safety Kid,” said Old Jack. “Halloween can be a lot […] Read More

The Lonely Pumpkin

The Poor Mountain Family climbed into their pickup truck and drove into town. “How are we going to get a pumpkin for Halloween?” asked Poor Mountain Mother. “We don’t have any money?” “Well I haven’t quite got that figured out yet,” said Poor Mountain Father. “I promised the children I’d get them a pumpkin and […] Read More

Fawn’s Mask

     Once upon a time, there lived two cows on a farm in Mountain Grove, Ontario. Their names were Fawn and Spot. Fawn was a tan coloured cow and Spot was a black and white coloured cow.      “Fawn!” Spot yelled. “What are you doing with that foolish mask on your face? You look ridiculous!” […] Read More

Old Jack

Once upon a very long time ago, there lived a great big pumpkin. I can remember walking down that old country road and seeing that poor old pumpkin just sitting in the pumpkin patch. Nobody else wanted him because he was just too big and it would have been too much work to clean and […] Read More