Ugly Sally

We all know the type of girl who Ugly Sally is. She is the type of girl who you love to hate and hate to love. She is the type of girl that knows everything but knows nothing.

The problem with Ugly Sally is that she is not human. She is a monster. If you are smart, you will stay away from her.

One very hot summer day, Ugly Sally woke up fairly early. It was 4 pm in the afternoon but considering she didn’t go to bed until almost noon, 4 pm was fairly early.

Ugly Sally rolled over on the bed and sat up. She stared at her ugly face in the mirror and then she smiled. Her smile was the worst smile anyone had ever seen. She had big thick lips and her teeth were loose, crooked and broken.

“Oh how I look so radiantly beautiful today,” said Ugly Sally to herself.

Ugly Sally got up off the bed and went to her closet. She found a pair of very tight blue jeans, an ugly pink sweater, thick grey woolen socks and a pair of black, fake leather boots.

To everyone else, Ugly Sally’s choice of wardrobe leaves a lot to be desired but to Ugly Sally, she thought she looked very nice. In fact, Ugly Sally thought she was beautiful and glamorous.

Once Ugly Sally was dressed, she sat down at the kitchen table to eat her breakfast. Ugly Sally was the messiest eater there ever was. She didn’t believe in using utensils.

“That is why fingers were invented,” she would snap back to anyone that criticized how she ate her food.

Ugly Sally never brushed her teeth or her hair. She never washed her hands or her face. She would bathe or shower once every two weeks or so.

Ugly Sally never ever cleaned up after herself. She had garbage strewn from one end of her bedroom to the other.

Ugly Sally always knew that she was different from everyone else. She knew she was not like other girls her age but she really didn’t care. She embraced the fact that she was different. Her differences empowered her and made her stronger.

“You know she has a right to know why she is so different,” said her father one day. “We must tell her.”

“Why?” pleaded her mother. “Why must we say anything to her. How will that knowledge change her? I don’t think that she needs to know.”

“She knows she is different,” said Father. “Perhaps if she knew she was a monster it would help her to understand why she does the things she does.”

“You do have a point,” said Mother. “I guess we should tell her the truth then.”

“I will do it,” said Father. “It might go easier if I tell her alone.”

“Okay,” said Mother, who really didn’t want to be a part of this conversation anyway.

That evening, Father took Ugly Sally into his den. He closed the door and then stood there staring at his daughter.

“Father,” said Ugly Sally, seeing a look of despair in her father’s eyes. “Is there something wrong?”

“Well Pudding,” said Father, affectionately. “There is no easy way to say this, so I am just going to blurt it out.”

“You are scaring me Father,” said Ugly Sally.

“That I don’t mean to do,” said Father. “I know that you have come to realize that you are different from girls your own age.”

“Yes,” said Ugly Sally. “I do know that I am different.”

“Have you ever wondered why you are different?” asked Father.

“Sometimes,” said Ugly Sally. “But for the most part I really don’t care. I love myself and I think that is what is the most important thing.”

“I am glad about that,” said Father. “Don’t ever let anyone change that about you. It is that reason that your Mother and I love you to death. However, we have been keeping something from you and we do feel that you ought to know about your past.”

“What have you been keeping from me?” asked Ugly Sally.

“Sixteen years ago,” explained Father. “Your mother was pregnant. She was so happy and overjoyed that we were finally going to have a baby. Your mother had wanted a baby more than anything. She was starting to become obsessive and it was having an impact on our marriage.”

“But then I was born, right Daddy?” asked Ugly Sally.

“Not exactly,” said Father. “Your mother lost that baby.”

“Oh dear,” said Ugly Sally. “But, I don’t understand because Mother has always told me that she was only pregnant one time.”

“That is true,” said Father. “She was only ever pregnant that one time.”

Ugly Sally was so confused and she did not understand what her Father was getting at.

“The day we lost our baby,” continued Father. “Both our worlds stood still. Neither of us could function. We were devastated. It affected your mother more though. She was in a severe depression.”

“That is horrible,” said Ugly Sally.

“Yes,” said Father. “It was horrible and I couldn’t handle it so I went for a very long walk in the forest. In the forest, I came across a little cabin. I went inside and I saw you in your cradle. You were sound asleep and so beautiful. I picked you up and you smiled at me. That smile broke my heart. I fell in love with you right from that moment.”

Ugly Sally was more confused than ever.

“So you stole me,” said Ugly Sally. “You kidnapped me!”

“No,” said Father. “I did not kidnap you. I set you back down in the cradle and I went outside to look for your parents. I looked around that cabin and about twenty yards away I saw two dead monsters. I could tell they had been dead for quite sometime.”

“So I am a monster,” said Ugly Sally.

“Yes,” said Father. “You are and once I realized your parents were the two dead monsters, I scooped you up in my arms and brought you home. I still remember the first time Mother laid eyes on you. She was so much in love with you and that has not changed. In fact, our love grows stronger for you all the time.”

It took awhile for all this information to sink in, but once it did, it didn’t change anything. Ugly Sally loved her human parents more than life itself. She was so grateful to Father for telling her their deep dark secret because now she understood herself so much better.

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