Slow-Poke’s Summer Swim

Slow-Poke Duck was outside one very warm summer day. It was so warm that he had beads of sweat on his feathers.

“What a warm day it is,” said Slow-Poke, to himself. “I need to go for a swim.”

For anyone else, going for a swim was a very easy thing to do. However, for Slow-Poke, it did take him a little while to get to the pond because Slow-Poke walked a lot slower than other animals.

“Hurry up Slow-Poke,” his friend, Freddy Goose would tease. “It will be night time before you get to the pond and then it will be too late to go swimming.”

Sometimes Freddy Goose would just go swimming without him because he would get tired of waiting for him.

“I have an idea,” said Slow-Poke’s Mother, seeing Slow-Poke really sad that he couldn’t get to the pond with the other animals. “Mr. Jones, the farmer up the road, drives to the pond every afternoon to feed his cattle. Maybe he could give you a ride to the pond. That way you could go for a swim with your friends.”

“Oh Mother!” exclaimed Slow-Poke, happily. “That would be perfect!”

Mother talked to Mr. Jones that afternoon and he said that he would not mind that at all. He said he could even drive him back home after the swim.

“I really appreciate this,” said Mother. “Slow-Poke is going to be so happy.”

Mr. Jones picked Slow-Poke up every day and then drove him back home. He enjoyed the company. He and Slow-Poke became very good friends.

“Thank you very much,” said Slow-Poke. “I really appreciate the ride to and from the pond. It has made it so much easier for me to swim and have time with my friends.”

“I don’t mind helping you at all,” said Mr. Jones. “I was much like you when I was younger and I had someone helping me out so I just thought I would return the favour by helping you out.”

“Well,” said Slow-Poke. “That is very nice of you and I will return the favour to someone else someday.”

“That would be wonderful,” said Mr. Jones, patting Slow-Poke on the head.

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