Trickster’s Trick Back-Fired

“Sisters!” yelled Trickster Bunny at the top of his lungs. “Come outside. Be quick or you are going to miss it.”

All ten of Trickster’s sisters came running outside.

“What are we going to miss?” asked his youngest sister, Isabella.

“You are going to miss the warm summer day,” said Trickster.

“Is this a joke?” asked his oldest sister, Frannie. “We have chores to do.”

Frannie gathered up her younger sisters and pointed them toward the door of their den.

“Wait,” said Trickster. “Mother told me that you girls deserve a break from your chores. She said you can go outside and play.”

“Oh,” said Frannie. “That is really nice of Mother. Let’s go play, girls.”

Once all the girls were out of sight, Trickster went into the house. He could smell the freshly baked carrot cake that Mother just took out of the oven.

“Do you want a piece?” asked Mother.

“Yes,” said Trickster. “I would love a piece.”

“Where are your sisters?” asked Mother, slicing the cake.

“I told them they could go outside and play,” said Trickster.

“That was nice of you,” said Mother, handing Trickster a large slice of carrot cake. “But your sisters have chores to do.”

“Yes,” said Trickster. “They do.”

“Did you by the way, send them outside so that you could get a piece of this carrot cake without them?” asked Mother.

“Yes,” said Trickster. “I did. I played a trick on them.”

“Well,” said Mother. “The trick is now on you.”

“What do you mean?” asked Trickster.

“You are going to do the chores for the girls,” said Mother.

Trickster was not happy about having to do the chores for his sisters but at the same time, he wouldn’t disobey his Mother.

“Oh look,” said Frannie, when the sisters came home. “Our chores are all done. Thank you Mother.”

“Don’t thank me,” said Mother. “Thank your brother. He played a trick on you girls but it back-fired on him.”

“What a nice brother we have,” said Frannie. “First he lets us go outside to play and then he does all our chores for us.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Tricks do have a way of back-firing on us.
  • Example: Trickster Bunny told his sisters they could go outside instead of doing their chores. He just wanted a piece of the carrot cake his mother had just baked. Find out what mother has in store for him instead.

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