Summer Surprise

“It has been a nice vacation,” said Billy Troll, leaving the motel at the resort in Mexico that he and his wife, Dianne, had been staying at.

“Yes,” said Dianne. “It was really nice. The weather was perfect and it was nice to just relax.”

“It sure was,” said Billy. “But vacation time is over. We have to get back to work pretty quickly. We have a concert coming up next weekend.”

“The concert is actually this weekend coming,” said Dianne. “Surprise!”

“Dianne,” said Billy. “You know how much I hate surprise concerts. One week isn’t enough time to prepare.”

“I know you don’t like surprises,” said Dianne. “However, I just found out about it two days ago.”

“Two extra days would have given me lots of time to prepare,” said Billy. “Why didn’t you tell me when you found out?”

“I didn’t want to ruin our vacation,” said Dianne. “This is the first time we have been able to enjoy a whole week together.”

“Yes,” said Billy. “I suppose that is true.”

“Besides,” said Dianne. “Some of your best work is done under pressure.”

“I suppose that is true,” said Billy. “Let’s get to the airport so we can get home. I have a ton of work to do.”

Billy and Dianne arrived at the airport in Calgary, Alberta, where they just moved to recently. The airport was packed with people and they all started screaming Billy’s name when they realized who he was.

“Billy! Billy!” screamed his fans. “We love you!!!”

Billy signed a few autographs and then he was approached by a reporter.

“How does it feel to have your new CD go gold in under a month?” asked the reporter.

“Are you serious?” asked Billy in shock. “Wow, that was fast! How did that happen so quickly? I haven’t even been home for the last week.”

“Surprise,” said Dianne. “I had my promotion company work on that while we were away.”

“That certainly was a nice surprise,” said Billy. “This summer has been full of surprises.”

“Yes,” said Dianne. “It sure has been and I have one more for you.”

“Really,” said Billy. “What is the other surprise?”

Dianne took Billy’s hand and placed it on her tummy. Billy felt something kick his hand. He then realized that Dianne was pregnant.

“We are having another baby!” shouted Billy, happily. “This is the best summer surprise.”

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