Angry Baker Does Not Serve Rude Customers

It was very early on a warm summer morning and Angry Baker was in his bake shop preparing is baked items for the day.

“I have made too many cupcakes this morning,” said Angry Baker. “I don’t know what I was thinking but now I have to figure out how I am going to sell all of them. I don’t want them to go to waste because they are so delicious and I know people are going to love them.”

“How about offering them for half-price?” suggested Angry Baker’s friend and receptionist at the bakery supply company, Melissa.

“That may just work,” said Angry Baker.

“That will bring customers in,” said Melissa. “Then they may buy some of your other baked goods as well.”

“Yes,” said Angry Baker. “That would be perfect.”

“I will take a dozen cupcakes,” said Melissa.

“But you will ruin your girlish figure,” laughed Angry Baker.

“Oh you can be so mean,” said Melissa, swatting Angry Baker. “These are for the office. I do have to get to work today.”

“Yes,” said Angry Baker. “Of course.”

Angry Baker gave Melissa a dozen of the chocolate cupcakes and he didn’t charge her for them.

“It pays to have a baker as my best friend,” said Melissa. “And get ready to have a very busy day because once the girls at the office taste these, you are going to sell all those cupcakes in no time at all.”

Angry Baker made up a sign and set it out on the sidewalk, offering his cupcakes at half-price. Within minutes, he was swamped with customers.

“I want a dozen cupcakes,” screamed one woman. “And an apple pie.”

“I’ll take two dozen,” screamed another. “And five loaves of bread.”

“Slow down!” shouted Angry Baker. “I can’t keep up to you.”

Soon, customers were lined up out the door and Angry Baker’s phone was ringing off the wall. He had orders coming out of his ears.

“Hurry up with my order,” screamed one customer, who stood in line with her five children.

Angry Baker was trying so hard not to lose his temper. He knew he was making a ton of money but he also knew he could lose it all if he blew up. However, he was getting angrier by the minute with the rudeness of the customers. He just didn’t understand why they had to be so rude. Then, a thought struck him. If the customers were going to be rude, he just wasn’t going to serve them.

“I want three dozen cupcakes and two loaves of bread,” shouted one customer.

“Can I have a dozen cupcakes please?” asked another customer.

“You sure can,” said Angry Baker, getting that order ready.

“What about my order?” shouted the first customer. “I ordered first.”

“And you screamed your order at me,” yelled Angry Baker. “This woman used her manners and that is why I ignored your order and did hers instead.”

“That is hilarious,” laughed the first customer. “You are the Angry Baker. We don’t have to use our manners around you.”

“If you don’t,” said Angry Baker, screaming. “Then, you are not going to get served. It is customers like you that have turned me into the Angry Baker.”

“How dare you talk to me like that?” yelled the first customer . “I will take my business elsewhere.”

“It doesn’t look like you will be missed,” said Angry Baker, looking at the line up that went all the way around the corner.

Angry Baker made a fortune that day and decided he would always offer his cupcakes at half-price. That seemed to bring the customers in.

“That was an excellent idea,” said Angry Baker to Melissa that evening at dinner.

“I heard you had an even better idea,” said Melissa. “Not serving rude customers.”

“How did you hear about that?” asked Angry Baker.

“That was my sister,” said Melissa.

“Oh dear,” said Angry Baker. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry,” said Melissa. “We have been telling Frannie all her life that being rude is not going to get her anywhere.”

“I probably won’t be seeing her in my shop anytime soon,” said Angry Baker.

“She is coming in tomorrow,” said Melissa. “I gave her one of your cupcakes when she came in to see me this afternoon. She loved it.”

“What about her rudeness?” asked Angry Baker. “I won’t serve her if she is rude. I don’t care if she is your sister or not.”

“She loves your cupcakes so she won’t be rude to you,” said Melissa.

The next day, Frannie came in and ordered three dozen cupcakes, two loaves of bread and two apple pies. She wasn’t rude at all and she turned out to be one of Angry Baker’s best customers.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is not nice to be rude.
  • Example: Melissa’s sister, Frannie, was rude when she went into Angry Baker’s bakery. Angry Baker didn’t know who she was but he decided he wasn’t going to serve rude customers.

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