Summer Song

“Billy Troll,” said his wife, Dianne, not hearing any sound coming from Billy’s recording studio. “I sure hope you are working on your new summer song. The Troll Town Summer Gala is only a few days away.”

“I am trying,” said Billy. “It is really hard to stay focused on writing a song about summer when we haven’t really even had any summer yet.”

“Moving to Calgary, Alberta sure does have its share of weather issues,” said Dianne. “For the last two months, it has rained almost every singe day.”

An idea just struck Billy for his new summer song. He picked up his guitar and started strumming it, singing the lyrics that just popped into his head.

“Summer where have you been,” Billy sang. “This is the rainiest I have seen. Stop hiding behind your shrouds and come out from behind the clouds.”

“Oh Billy!” exclaimed Dianne. “I love it.”

“Thank you,” said Billy, still strumming on his guitar. “Summer, summer where are you now? Summer, summer please take a bow.”

“I love it!” exclaimed Dianne. “What a wonderful song.”

“No more rain, no more thunder,” continued Billy. “You are turning out to be a blunder. Please bring us warmth and sunshine so we can dance and dine. Summer of 2016 is the summer of storms. No more big dark clouds, no more thunderous forms.”

Dianne was so impress with Billy’s new song. His song-writing talents always amazed her.

“Your song writing always blows me away,” said Dianne, giving Billy a big kiss.

“I take it you approve,” said Billy, laughing.

“I sure do,” said Dianne.

“Good,” said Billy. “I want you to sing it with me at the concert.”

“I would love that very much,” said Dianne.

Billy and Dianne sang Billy’s new song at the concert and it was a smash hit. The crowd loved it.

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