Summer Rainbows

Lucky Leprechaun was walking through a field near his home in Regina, Saskatchewan, when he noticed how grey in colour the clouds were.

“Oh oh!” exclaimed Lucky. “The colour of those clouds can only mean one thing. It is going to start raining any minute now. I need to find cover or I am going to be soaked.”

Lucky found a hollow log so he climbed into it. He was lucky because once he was safely inside the log, the clouds burst open and it poured and poured rain. Lucky could hear thunder in the background and he saw several strikes of lightning that lit up the sky.

“Whose idea was it to go chasing summer rainbows?” asked Lucky to himself. “Oh wait a minute. It was my idea. Stupid, stupid me!”

Lucky kicked up his heels because he was angry with himself. Meanwhile the storm roared on.

“Chasing summer rainbows is a silly idea,” said Lucky. “I wish I didn’t have to. However, I am a leprechaun and I must place a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow.”

Lucky was very bored so he decided he would dance a little jig while waiting for the storm to end. Lucky loved to dance. It was his favourite thing to do to make the time go away.

“Oh how I love to dance,” Lucky sang as he danced. “Dance a jig. Dance a jig.”

Lucky was dancing so hard that he didn’t know that the storm had ended. He also didn’t realize that he was dancing so hard that the log he was dancing in started to roll away. The log ended up crashing into a tree with a loud thump.

“That noise didn’t sound like thunder,” said Lucky.

He stopped dancing and took a look outside. He could see the tree the log crashed into but more importantly, he could see that the storm had stopped. He took a good look up into the sky and he saw not one, but two rainbows in the sky.

“This means double the work for me,” said Lucky. “However, there is nothing more beautiful than seeing double summer rainbows.”

Lucky took the pots of gold out of his pocket and set off putting them at the end of the double summer rainbows. He couldn’t help staring at the beauty of them.

“Absolutely beautiful,” said Lucky. “These rainbows are so vibrant and colourful. I am so lucky to see such a sight.”

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