Ugly Sally’s Summer Picnic

“I think we should do something as a family today,” said Mother. “We haven’t spent much time together this summer.”

“I agree,” said Father. “We need to show Ugly Sally that we love her and that we are here for her no matter what. It has been very hard for her these past few months, coming to terms with our little family secret.”

“It was hard on her finding out that her real parents were actual monsters,” said Mother.

“Not just that,” said Father. “She also found out that her real parents, whom she never even knew existed, are dead. Then, she found out that we, the only parents she has ever known since she was a few days old, aren’t her real parents.”

“I don’t know how anyone could process all that information and stay sane,” said Mother.

“Ugly Sally is one tough girl,” said Father. “So what were you thinking for today?”

“How about a picnic?” asked Mother.

“That sounds like fun,” said Father.

“I will go tell Ugly Sally,” said Mother.

Mother found Ugly Sally in her bedroom, staring at the wall.

“What is wrong dear?” asked Mother, with a worried look on her face.

“I don’t know who I am,” cried Ugly Sally.

“You are our daughter,” said Mother, giving Ugly Sally a big hug. “We love you more than anything in this world.”

“I don’t know how you could ever love me,” sobbed Ugly Sally.

“Now that kind of talk is foolishness,” said Mother. “Our Ugly Sally is full of confidence and she believes in herself. You find that Ugly Sally and get her dressed. We are having a family summer picnic so be ready to go in half an hour.”

“Fine,” said Ugly Sally, getting off her bed and finding something to wear.

“You may want to wear your shorts today,” suggested Mother before leaving her room. “It is a very warm summer day outside today.”

Ugly Sally put her shorts on and a bright pink tube top that was a few sizes too small.

“There’s our girl,” said Father, giving her a kiss, when she came downstairs. “Come on, let’s go. Mother made some of your favourite fried chicken for the picnic.”

“Fried chicken!” exclaimed Ugly Sally, wiping saliva from her lips. “I love fried chicken.”

Even though Mother and Father did not want to shelter Ugly Sally, they picked the most secluded spot for their picnic. They figured it would be easier on Ugly Sally because the last thing they needed was someone to tease her. Ugly Sally had been through enough in the last little bit.

Ugly Sally and her family had a very nice time together. They let Ugly Sally eat as much as she wanted and they didn’t care how much of a mess she made when eating.

“Why do you two love me so much?” Ugly Sally asked her parents after they were finished eating. “Why didn’t you pick an actual human baby to adopt, instead of me?”

“The reason we love you so much,” aid Father, with a tear in his eye. “Is that you have shown us that we can love someone unconditionally. After we lost our own child, I, for one, was heart-broken and I never thought I could love anyone ever again. However, that was before I found you. I will never forget the smile you gave me the very first time I picked you up. For me, it was love at first sight.”

“How about you, Mother?” asked Ugly Sally, wiping tears from her eyes. “Why do you love me so much?”

“Just like your Father,” said Mother, clearing her throat, trying not to have her voice sound like she had been crying. “When we lost our baby, it shook my entire world and I never thought I could love anyone ever again. I was filled with so much anger and rage. However, when your Father came home the day he found you and laid you in my arms, all the anger and rage went away.”

“I want the two of you to know that you have been the best parents anyone could ask for,” cried Ugly Sally. “You have always let me be myself and have never criticized me. You have given me so much love and have never asked for anything in return. I never knew my real parents so I just want you to know that to me, I only have one set of parents and that is you two.”

Ugly Sally, Father and Mother openly sobbed, giving each other hugs.

“I love you,” said Mother, drying her tears.

“I love you as well,” said Father, sniffling.

“I love the two of you as well,” said Ugly Sally. “Is there anymore of that fried chicken?”

“As a matter of fact there is,” laughed Mother. “I saved the last two pieces just for you.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Unconditional love can be had by adoptive parents.
  • Example: Ugly Sally never knew she was adopted until her adoptive parents told her. She knew they loved her unconditionally and she loved them the same.

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