Environment Bug’s Heat Wave

Environment Bug was walking the streets of Calgary, Alberta, and he noticed it was extremely cool, damp and rainy this summer. Everyone was complaining about it.

“What happened to summer?” Fran, a little girl asked her friend, Kelly.

“I don’t know,” said Kelly. “It has done nothing but rain here in Calgary for the last two months.”

“I heard it is supposed to be a nice weekend,” said Fran.

“I doubt it,” said Kelly. “I think this is the Summer of Rain.”

“More like the Summer of Storms,” said Fran. “We have had so many thunder, lightning and hail storms this summer. I have almost forgotten what a blue sky looks like.”

“Girls!” exclaimed Environment Bug. “What seems to be the issue here? I overheard you talking about the weather.”

“Who are you?” asked Fran, looking down at the Environment Bug.

“I am the Environment Bug,” said the Environment Bug.

“What does that mean?” asked Kelly.

“I take care of the environment,” said the Environment Bug. “I go around picking up litter, checking the weather and explaining to people about different environmental issues.”

“Except for picking up litter,” said Fran. “Your job sounds like fun. “

“How come we have never heard of you before?” asked Kelly.

“Probably because I just moved to Calgary,” said Environment Bug.

“Welcome to our stormy city,” said Fran. “Are you able to tell us when this rain will stop?”

“I’m not the weatherman,” said Environment Bug. “However, there will be nice weather this weekend.”

“Oh good,” said Kelly. “We really need some warm weather.”

“It won’t just be warm this weekend,” said Environment Bug. “It is going to be a heat wave.”

“That means we get to go to the beach,” said Fran.

“That will be wonderful,” said Kelly. “Thank you Environment Bug. By the way, if you aren’t the weatherman, how come you know what the weather is going to be like this weekend.”

“I looked at the weather app on my phone,” said Environment Bug, laughing.


Moral of this Story:

  • Cell phones are great for letting us know what the weather is going to be.
  • Example: Environment Bug looked at the weather app on his cell phone to tell what the weather was going to be for the weekend.

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