A Refreshing Day on the Lake

“I sold a ton of boats this week,” said Bogart the Boat Salesman. “I am very proud of myself. This calls for a celebration.”

Bogart walked down the dock to where he had his own personal boat tied up. He put his life jacket on. He checked the fuel level and he made sure there was a spare life jacket on board because he never knows what he could encounter out on the lake.

“It is such a beautiful day on the lake,” said Bogart. “The water is calm and it was nice and warm. A perfect day for boating.”

Bogart saw a boat up ahead. As he passed the boat he saw there was a group of young people aboard. He saw that each of them had their life jackets on.

“So happy to see you have your life jackets on,” said Bogart, waving to the young people.

“Thank you,” said Benjamin, one of the young people. “We know that boating can be dangerous and we have our whole lives ahead of us.”

“Good to hear,” said Bogart. “Have a good day out here.”

“You as well,” waved Benjamin.

“I own the marina just over there,” said Bogart, pointing to the marina. “You kids stop in on your way back. Soda’s are on me”.

“Okay,” said Benjamin, giving Bogart a thumbs up. “We could never turn down a free soda. We will see you soon.”

Bogart gave them a thumbs up and went on his way. He stayed out for about an hour and thoroughly enjoyed himself. He just got his boat tied up back at the dock when the group of young people showed up for their soda.

Bogart found the young people very friendly and very responsible. Whenever any of them were near the marina, they would always stop in and say hello. Bogart liked them instantly. In fact, he liked them so much that he hired Benjamin for the summer.

“You won’t regret hiring me,” said Benjamin. “I’m a hard worker.”

Bogart didn’t doubt Benjamin one bit. Benjamin ended up working for several summers with Bogart. He was studying to become a mechanic. Once Benjamin had his mechanic’s licence, Bogart hired him full-time to be a boat mechanic.

Benjamin looked up to Bogart as a mentor and friend. He was very grateful to Bogart to giving him such a wonderful job. Bogart found with Benjamin he could trust him to look after things at the shop so he could spend more of his time out on the lake, enjoying himself.


Moral of this Story:

  • There are lots of young people who are responsible.
  • Example: Bogart the Boat Salesman was very happy to see that Benjamin and his friends were being responsible and safety conscious while out on the lake.

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