Mrs. Robin and the Rainbow

“Okay children,” said Mrs. Robin, landing on a branch close to the nest where her three babies were. “It is pouring rain, so I want you to eat your breakfast and then we will have to sit tight and wait for the rain to stop. Maybe, just maybe, we will be lucky enough to see a rainbow.”

The babies did as they were told. They were so excited because they might get a chance to see a rainbow. They had heard how pretty they were because Mother loved rainbows and often talked about them.

It poured rain for about an hour. Then a big streak of lightning lit up the sky. Mother saw the looks on her babies faces. They looked confused.

“No babies,” said Mrs. Robin. “That was lightning. That was definitely not a rainbow. Rainbows have lots of pretty colours. You will know a rainbow when you see one.”

It finally stopped raining and storming and Mother saw the look of awe on the babies faces when the biggest and the brightest rainbow appeared. Mrs. Robin and the babies loved the bright colours in the rainbow. They sat and watched it until it disappeared.


Moral of this Story:

  • You will always know a rainbow when you see one.
  • Example: The baby robins wanted to see a rainbow and when they saw a streak of lightning they thought that was one.

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