Mulching Matter

“Our Blue Bugs have done an amazing job keeping this town trash-free,” said Mayor Quiggley, in his monthly address to the town. “We must do more to help them out.”

“But. what can we do?” asked Mr. Smith, one of the townspeople. “They seem to have a system in place and it seems to be working very well for them.”

“What exactly is their system?” asked Mayor Quiggley.

“First they go around and collect all our trash,” explained Mrs. Jones, another of the townspeople.

“Then they chew it up,” said Mr. Smith. “And that is how they make the mulch.”

“Okay,” said Mayor Quiggley. “Why are we not bringing our trash to them? It seems unfair to me that the Blue Bugs are doing all the work and yet we are reaping the benefits of it.”

“That makes perfect sense,” said Mr. Smith.

The townspeople were in agreeance that they would take their trash to the Blue Bugs, who could then just spend their time chewing it and making mulch. Their idea worked wonderful for about a week but then they noticed the Blue Bugs were becoming sluggish and they were actually producing less mulch than they normally were.

“What is going on with the Blue Bugs?” asked Mayor Quiggley, one afternoon, noticing the decrease in the amount of mulch they were producing.

“I think it is caused by our plan to help them out,” said Mrs. Jones. “I think the Blue Bugs need the exercise of finding the trash.”

“Yes,” said Mr. Smith. “That makes perfect sense to me. They probably have to build up the enzymes in their stomach in order to make the mulch.”

“That seems plausible,” said Mayor Quiggley. “I guess we just can’t help Mother Nature.”

“Seems not,” said Mrs. Jones.

The townspeople stopped taking their trash to the Blue Bugs and the Blue Bugs went back into full mulch production mode.


Moral of this Story:

  • You can’t fool with Mother Nature.
  • Example: The townspeople thought they would help the Blue Bugs by taking their trash to them so the Blue Bugs could make mulch out of it but it turns out the Blue Bugs needed the exercise.

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