November in the City

Hi everyone! This is City Kid. I’m one of the Canadian brothers. I live in Ontario, Canada, in the city of Toronto.

It is now November in the city. November can be a very unpredictable month for weather because it can be sometimes warm and sometimes very cold. The temperature can fluctuate quite a bit. One moment it can be warm and sunny and the next it can be snowing and cold. You never know how to dress in November so what I do is dress in layers. This way I am comfortable no matter what it is doing outside.

November is a very lonely month. Most of the leaves have blown off the trees all around the city and it looks very bare and lonely. You know the colder weather is right around the corner but you don’t want it to come.

I don’t like November too much and I don’t think too many people do. However, you can always try to make the best of it. A lot of people start staying indoors come November. However, you should get out and go for walks and enjoy the days while you can. It is nice to go down to Lake Ontario and walk along the boardwalk at this time of the year.

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