Grampy’s Little Green Car Loves Summer

Grampy woke up one summer morning, very early. He looked out the window of his kitchen and he saw that the sun was shining. It looked like it was going to be a beautiful day outside.

“It is time to go for a drive,” said Grampy, grabbing the keys off the counter.

“Oh look,” said Grampy’s Little Green Car to himself. “It’s Grampy. It is pretty early in the morning.”

Grampy walked over to his little green car and opened the drivers side door. The little green car couldn’t believe it. This was the third morning in a row that Grampy wanted to go for a drive.

“I think we will go for a drive to the beach,” said Grampy.

“I love the beach,” said Grampy’s Little Green Car as Grampy pulled out of the driveway. “I love the feel of the sand between the ridges of my tires.”

“As Grampy drove down the street, every woman, man and child waved to him.

“Nice car,” they would say.

“I wish I had a little green car like yours,” Grampy heard.

“Thank you,” Grampy waved proudly.

“Do you want to sell it?” one older gentleman asked.

“Not in a million years,” said Grampy. ‘ ‘This car is my pride and joy.

“I can see why,” said the older gentleman. “It is a beautiful car.”

Grampy’s Little Green Car loved how Grampy was talking about him. It made him feel good. Grampy’s Little Green Car loved Grampy very much, with all of its engine and gasoline.

He made sure that he was on his best behaviour. He made sure all his spark plugs fired properly and that his pistons ran as smooth as silk.

“I don’t want Grampy getting the idea that he could sell me,” said Grampy’s Little Green Car.

Grampy pulled the little green car up onto the sandy beach. His little green car was in heaven. Soon, tons of people gathered around Grampy. The men and children were admiring the car but the women were admiring Grampy. Grampy’s Little Green Car was beginning to get jealous. Not one of the women were admiring him.

“I have to stop being jealous,” thought Grampy’s Little Green Car. “I know Grampy loves me. I just have to remember the nice things he said about me earlier.”

Grampy and his little green car enjoyed their day at beach very much.

“We will have to do that more often,” said Grampy when they returned home.

“That would be great,” thought Grampy’s Little Green Car. “I can’t wait for our next drive to the beach.”


Moral of this Story:

  • We always feel good about people saying nice things to us.
  • Example: Grampy’s Little Green Car liked it when Grampy said nice things about him.

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