Loud Garden is Formed

Farmer Fred was in the garden talking to Christopher Corn. It was a very warm summer day.

“It is a scorcher today,” said Farmer Fred.

“Scorching hot, scorching hot,” sang Christopher Corn, out of the blue. “Scorching hot, scorching hot, cool we’re not.”

“Wow!” gasped Farmer Fred. “I never knew a cob of corn had such an awesome set of vocals on them. I love your voice. It is amazing.”

“I’m no ordinary cob of corn,” said Christopher.

“That is obvious,” said Farmer Fred. “You ever consider getting into the music industry?”

“Actually,” said Christopher. “I was just speaking to Mrs. Tomato about setting up a band, ‘Loud Garden’.”

“Awesome,” said Farmer Fred. “If you need a manager/promoter, I’m your man.”

“Sweet,” said Christopher. “We definitely need one. What is your experience in the music industry?”

“None,” admitted Farmer Fred. “However, I do know talent when I hear it and believe me, you have talent.”

“Why thank you,” said Christopher, bashfully.

“So,” said Farmer Fred. “Are the rest of the fresh veggies just as talented as you are?”

“Oh yes, “said Christopher. “All of us have talent. Mrs. Tomato sings and plays the harp and tambourine, Cameron Cauliflower dances up a storm, Calvin Carnot likes to play the drums, Olive Onion sings and Oliver Onion likes to write poetry.”

“We definitely have the makings of a rock band,” said Farmer Fred. “And the others, have they agreed to be in your band?”

I haven’t asked them yet,” said Christopher. “However, I don’t see them saying no.”

“Why don’t I clear a spot in the barn so you can practice?” asked Farmer Fred.

“That would be perfect, “said Christopher.

“Christopher! Christopher!” screamed Mrs. Tomato running toward him and Farmer Fred. “Come quick! Olive and Oliver Onion are arguing!”

“Oh dear,” said Christopher. “I will be right there.”

Farmer Fred followed Christopher over to where Olive and Oliver were. Olive was yelling at Oliver at the top of her lungs.

“Olive,” said Christopher in a super calm voice. “Why are you yelling at Oliver?”

Christopher’s voice calmed Olive immediately.

“Well,” said Olive. “Oliver told me you were starting a band and he said that only you and Mrs. Tomato were going to be in it?”

“Now I wonder where Oliver got an idea like that,” said Christopher, looking straight at Mrs. Tomato.

“I uh, might have mentioned something like that,” admitted Mrs. Tomato.

“I see,” said Christopher.” We are starting a band but it isn’t going to be just me and Mrs. Tomato. We are all family so there will be a place in the band for everyone. Farmer Fred has even agreed to be our manager/promoter and he is going to clear up a spot in the barn for us to practice.”

“Nice,” said Olive. “Thank you Farmer Fred and thank you, Christopher.”

“Don’t worry your pretty little head Olive,” said Christopher, patting her on the head. “We are family and this family sticks together.”

“I am impressed,” said Farmer Fred, once the others had left.

“Why?” asked Christopher, confused.

“I am impressed at how easy you were able to diffuse that situation,” said Farmer Fred.

“They listen to me,” said Christopher.

“That I saw,” said Farmer Fred. “But, it was more than that. As soon as you started to speak, I noticed Olive calmed down.”

“They say I have a calming effect,” said Christopher.

“That you do,” said Farmer Fred. “You have a special gift, that voice of yours. You are going to go places.”

“Thanks man,” said Christopher.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to recognize talent when you see it.
  • Example: Christopher Corn has an amazing voice.
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