Wrongly Accused

“Where did that roll of homemade sausage go?” Bobby the Butcher asked himself. “I know I just put it on this counter.”

Bobby the Butcher searched everywhere in his butcher shop. He couldn’t find the role of homemade sausage anywhere.

“This is just strange,” said Bobby the Butcher. “Where could it have gone? There was nobody in the shop with me. Oh wait! Aunt Jessica was just here. Don’t tell me she took it? I wouldn’t put it past her.”

Bobby the Butcher was so angry with his Aunt Jessica. Over the years, she has caused so many problems. She has dabbled in witchcraft and she even married a warlock, Desmond. She was considered the black sheep of the family.

“I’m going to phone her,” said Bobby the Butcher. “I’m not going to let her away with this.”

Bobby the Butcher went to get his phone out of his desk drawer. He happened to hear something coming from the corner of his office. He turned the light on. There, in the corner, he saw a little green man eating his roll of homemade sausage.

“That is my sausage,” said Bobby the Butcher, feeling really bad about accusing Aunt Jessica for something she did not do. “Who are you?”

“I am a leprechaun,” said the little man. “I am sorry for eating your sausage. I couldn’t help myself. It smelled so good.”

“So you just go around eating whatever you like without paying for it,” said Bobby the Butcher, angrily. “That may be how it works in your leprechaun world but not here.”

“But I did pay you,” said the leprechaun, pointing to a huge pot of gold on the table behind the desk.

“I am so sorry,” said Bobby the Butcher.

Bobby the Butcher thanked the leprechaun. He then took the pot of gold to Aunt Jessica.

“What is this for?” asked Aunt Jessica.

“I wrongly accused you of stealing my roll of homemade sausage,” said Bobby the Butcher. “I found out a leprechaun did it and he left me this pot of gold. I feel bad about accusing you for something you didn’t do.”

“I have given you lots of reasons over the years to mistrust me,” said Aunt Jessica. “How about splitting the pot of gold?”

“That is a deal,” said Bobby the Butcher.


Moral of this Story:

  • Don’t accuse someone of something unless you have all the facts.
  • Example: Bobby the Butcher wrongly accused Aunt Jessica of stealing a roll of homemade sausage.

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