Peanuts and Jellies

The Winter Jellies were outside playing when they saw Peanut walking down the street. Peanut is a walking, talking real-life peanut.

“Peanut!” yelled Peppermint. “Come play with us!”

“Yes,” said Spearmint. “We want to make a Snowman.”

“We would love for you to help,” said Citrus.

“Okay,” said Peanut. “I would love to help. I have never built a snowman. I would love to build one.”

“Let’s get started,” said Peppermint.

Spearmint and Citrus started to form the huge snowballs. Peanut helped put the snowballs in place. Peppermint found stones they could use for the eyes and for the buttons. He also found some sticks for arms.

“We need one more thing,” said Peanut, taking a carrot out of his backpack.

“Now we have a perfect snowman,” said Citrus.

“Yes we do,” said Peanut. “Who would imagine that peanuts and jellies could work together?”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is always nice to invite someone to play.
  • Example: The Winter Jellies invited their friend, Peanut to help build a snowman.

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