Christopher Corn is Happy With Loud Garden

“Good job playing the drums there Calvin,” said Christopher Corn at the very first practice session of his newly found group, ‘Loud Garden’.

“Thank you,” said Calvin Carrot.

“Let’s mix things up a bit though,” said Christopher. “I want you to speed up the tempo just before the chorus and then slow it right down when I sing the lyrics & the chorus.”

“Now,” said Calvin. “That sounds sweet.”

“Let’s try it,” said Christopher.

Calvin did what Christopher suggested. He had to admit that it sounded so much better.

“That was perfect,” smiled Christopher. “Now girls. It is time for you two to sing your parts.”

Mrs. Tomato and Olive Onion both walked up to the microphone and started singing. All of a sudden Cameron Cauliflower ran out onto the stage and started to dance up a storm. Christopher started to dance with him, playing his guitar at the same time.

Mrs. Tomato and Olive were laughing so hard that they had to stop singing. Oliver Onion, who was watching, burst out laughing as well. The whole Fresh Veggie family were having a great time together.

“Great spontaneity,” laughed Oliver.

“Absolutely,” said Christopher, now dancing with Mrs. Tomato and Olive. “This is what I want from our band. I want spontaneity and I want us to have fun.”

“I agree,” said Calvin, stepping away from the drums and joining in the dancing. “Too many bands lose themselves in the serious side of things and they forget to have fun.”

“True,” said Christopher, heading back over to where his microphone was standing. “We are a band but we are also entertainers.”

Christopher started singing again and everyone took their places back onstage and they continued with the song they were practising.

“Mrs. Tomato!” yelled Olive. “You are singing my part.”

“No I am not!” yelled Mrs. Tomato. “Christopher, please tell Olive I am singing the part you and I discussed.”

“Girls,” said Christopher in his most calming voice. “Mrs. Tomato, we never finalized that you would be singing Olive’s part.”

“I am sorry,” said Mrs. Tomato, starting to calm down because of the sound of Christopher voice. “I thought we agreed.”

“No,” said Christopher. “We discussed that we would ask Olive if she wanted to switch parts.”

“Yes,” said Mrs. Tomato. “You are right. I guess I jumped the gun too quickly.”

“I don’t want arguments between you and Olive,” said Christopher. “We were all just having a good time dancing and laughing.”

“I apologize for getting so upset,” said Olive. “Mrs. Tomato, if you want to switch parts with me, that is okay. All I want is what is best for the band.”

“Now that is better,” said Christopher, starting to sing again. “Let’s start this one from the top.”

Except for that one argument between Mrs. Tomato and Olive, the rest of the practise session went perfectly and the whole Fresh Veggie family had a ton of fun together.

“I am very happy with Loud Garden,” said Christopher after the practise session. “We are going to go places.”


Moral of this Story:

  • You shouldn’t spoil a good time by arguing.
  • Example: Mrs. Tomato and Olive Onion were arguing about their singing parts. Christopher Corn did not want them to ruin the good time they had been having.

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