Rainy Summer Day

Grampy’s Little Green Car was in the garage. He could feel dampness on his tires. It was seeping up through the concrete floor. “It must be raining outside,” said Grampy’s Little Green Car. “Now I won ‘t be able to go for a drive. Grampy doesn’t like driving in the rain.” Grampy’s Little Green Car […] Read More

Rainy and Cloudy

Grampy’s Little Green Car was so very sad. He was in the garage waiting for Grampy to come take him for a drive. “It is springtime,” Grampy’s Little Green Car thought to himself. “But it has been rainy and cloudy for the past few weeks. I am sure that is the reason Grampy hasn’t taken […] Read More

Grampy’s Little Green Car and Christmas

“Merry Christmas!” shouted Grampy, as he opened his garage door. Grampy’s Little Green Car looked around the garage to see who Grampy was talking to. There was nobody else there. “He must be talking to me,” said Grampy’s Little Green Car, very excited. “Oh, and look! He has his arms full of presents.” Grampy had […] Read More

Grampy’s Little Green Car in the Mountains

“Okay Little Green Car,” said Grampy, late one Friday night. “We’re going on a trip!” “Awesome!” thought the Little Green Car. “I love to go on trips!” The Little Green Car waited patiently until Grampy put his suitcase and his guitar in the trunk and then he let Grampy put the key in the ignition […] Read More