Happy Grampy’s Day

“Oh I want to go for a ride in my little green car,” said Grampy to himself, looking out the window at the parking lot at his little green car. “But I can’t because today the family is coming over, something about Happy Grampy’s Day. I’ve never heard of it myself but the family says it is so, therefore, I guess I gotta believe them. I mean I know there’s a Mother’s Day in May and then I know that Father’s Day is in June but for some reason my family have decided to make a Grampy’s Day in July.”

“Happy Grampy’s Day!” exclaimed Jayden to Grampy, coming into the door of his apartment.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Grampy, taking a good look at Jayden. “You sure have grown up!”

“Well gee Grampy,” said Jayden. “I’m like almost 19 years old.”

“That old,” said Grampy kind of sadly. “Where have the years gone?”

“I don’t know,” said Jayden. “I guess they’ve flew by.”

“Yes,” said Grampy. “I guess they have. So, where is your brother?”

“Right here,” said Ricky, walking into Grampy’s door.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Grampy, getting a good look at Ricky. “Look at how much you have grown!”

Grampy had not seen Ricky and Jayden for about two years. They are both working now and have lives of their own.

“Gee Grampy,” said Ricky, when he saw Grampy looking over the balcony at his little green car. “Let’s take it for a ride.”

“Really,” said Grampy, just itching to do it. “What will the rest of them say?”

“They will be so busy gossiping,” said Ricky. “They might not even notice that we are gone.”

“You know,” said Grampy. “You are probably right. Let me get my keys.”

Grampy and Ricky took a long drive together in his little green car. Ricky was shocked when Grampy pulled over and let Ricky drive too. Grampy and Ricky drove for hours, talking and getting to know each other again. They were both having such a good time that they had forgotten that the whole family was waiting for them at Grampy’s apartment and just as Ricky suspected, when they arrived back at Grampy’s no-one even noticed that they were gone. Everyone was chatting and gossiping and having a great time. Grampy knew that he had just had the best Happy Grampy’s Day ever and nobody but Ricky knew just how good it was.

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