Bad Summer Rain

“What do you want to do today?” asked Mother. “It looks like it might rain. This has been a very rainy summer so far.”

“Bad summer rain,” said Troll Baby, letting Troll Mother finish dressing him. “I want to go outside.”

“It isn’t raining yet,” said Troll Mother. “Let’s go outside now.”

Troll Mother picked up Troll Baby and she took him outside. The sky looked really dark and Troll Mother heard thunder in the distance. She set Troll Baby down in his sand box and he just started playing with his pail and shovel when all of a sudden it started to pour.

“Bad summer rain,” said Troll Baby.

“Yes it is,” said Troll Mother picking Troll Baby up and carrying him into the house.

Troll Mother put Troll Baby down for a nap, after putting some dry clothes on him. As soon as Troll Baby fell asleep, the rain stopped.

“That figures,” said Troll Mother.

Troll Baby slept for about an hour. When he woke up, he saw the sun shining through his bedroom window.

“I want to play outside,” said Troll Baby.

“Good idea,” said Troll Mother, getting him dressed.

Troll Baby enjoyed playing outside. He just started building a sand castle when it started raining again.

“Bad summer rain,” said Troll Baby, who was not impressed.

“I think we are going to stay inside for the rest of the day,” said Troll Mother.

“Yes,” agreed Troll Baby.

Troll Daddy came home from work about two hours later. It was nice and sunny outside.

“How come Troll Baby isn’t playing outside?” asked Troll Daddy.

“He was outside twice already,” said Troll Mother. “Both times I had to bring him back inside because of the rain.”

“It isn’t running right now,” said Troll Daddy. “I’ll take him outside.”

Troll Daddy took Baby Troll outside and as soon as he got him outside, it started to pour rain.

“Bad summer rain!” exclaimed Troll Baby angrily.

“Yes indeed,” said Troll Daddy, bringing Troll Baby back into the house.


Moral of this Story:

  • Sometimes the weather can ruin plans.
  • Example: Troll Baby wanted to play outside but was brought back in the house twice because it rained.

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