Victor – A Monster’s Diary – Entry 15 – Life

Dear Diary,

So, what exactly is the perfect life? The life I had before Helga turned me into a monster with her spell, was a pretty good life. I had a good job, purchased this house and had a loving family.

I wouldn’t say that was the perfect life because it came with its usual problems. My wife always wanted more and it was hard to raise two kids on a banker’s salary.

Life after I was turned into a monster was pretty hurtful for a while. The wife and kids abandoned me, I lost my job and all my friends disowned me. However, once I had come to the realization that this was my new life, it got easier to handle and it actually became enjoyable.

Sure, I am still a monster and have been for the last 160 years, but I have nobody to answer to. I can do what I want whenever I want. I would say that the life I have now is as close to perfect as it ever will get.

Is there anything that would make my life more perfect? Maybe if I was able to find out what happened to my wife and kids, that may make it more perfect. At least then I would be able to put some closure on that part of my life.

I do realize that my family are gone and they would have been gone for several decades now. I often wonder if I have great-great grandchildren and what they would be like. Has anyone ever told them about the spell that was put on me? Do they know anything at all about me? Do they even care that I exist and will exist for quite a few more years to come?


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