Rainy and Cloudy

Grampy’s Little Green Car was so very sad. He was in the garage waiting for Grampy to come take him for a drive.

“It is springtime,” Grampy’s Little Green Car thought to himself. “But it has been rainy and cloudy for the past few weeks. I am sure that is the reason Grampy hasn’t taken me for a drive yet.”

Grampy’s Little Green Car kept looking out the garage window. All he could see was that everything was wet and the sky looked dreary. A few times, Grampy’s Little Green Car got excited because he saw Grampy looking at him through the garage window. However, Grampy didn’t come out into the garage. He stayed in the house.

One morning, Grampy’s Little Green Car looked up and he saw Grampy walking toward him. He saw the garage door open and he felt his door open.

“It has stopped raining,” said Grampy’s Little Green Car, happily, when he looked out the window of the garage. “I am going to go for a drive!”

Grampy’s Little Green Car was so excited. He was so happy.

“I have missed this,” said Grampy, settling into the driver’s seat, while he backed out of the garage, drove down the driveway and then onto the street.

“I have too,” said Gramps’s Little Green Car, purring like a kitten.

Grampy drove his little green car around town. Lots of people were honking their horns and waving at Grampy. They knew spring was here when they saw Grampy driving his little green car and they were very happy.


Moral of this Story:

  • We have to be patient for rain to stop.
  • Example: Grampy’s Little Green Car had to be patient for the rain to stop so Grampy could take him for a drive.

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