Grampy’s Little Green Car in the Mountains

“Okay Little Green Car,” said Grampy, late one Friday night. “We’re going on a trip!”

“Awesome!” thought the Little Green Car. “I love to go on trips!”

The Little Green Car waited patiently until Grampy put his suitcase and his guitar in the trunk and then he let Grampy put the key in the ignition and he started up right away.

“Good Little Green Car,” said Grampy, patting his Little Green Car on the dashboard. “Off to the mountains we go!”

“Mountains,” thought the Little Green Car. “We’re going to the mountains! Oh, this is going to be so much fun!”

The Little Green Car knew what mountains Grampy was talking about. He wasn’t talking about the Appalachian mountains, Grampy was talking about the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia. Oh, the Little Green Car could hardly wait. This was going to be such a fun trip.

Grampy and his Little Green Car drove through Northern Ontario and they weren’t too pleased. There were tons of mosquitoes and they couldn’t wait to get out of Ontario. Ontario was the longest part of the trip. It took a good day and a half of driving. Grampy was getting pretty tired but he was determined to make it to the Manitoba border before stopping.

While in Northern Ontario though Grampy and his Little Green Car saw a baby moose. The baby moose pranced right across the highway, right in front of the Little Green Car. Grampy put the brakes on quickly and was glad that the Little Green Car had good brakes because he stopped long before hitting the baby moose.

Grampy and his Little Green Car were so happy when they saw the sign that welcomed them to Manitoba and it wasn’t long before they saw the wide open prairies. Now they could really travel quickly. No more hills to climb.

Grampy and his Little Green Car spent the night in Winnipeg. It wasn’t long before Grampy was fast asleep in the motel room after a nice steak dinner that he cooked on his portable barbecue. Grampy was exhausted but excited.

The next morning Grampy was up at the crack of dawn and couldn’t believe his eyes. The sun was rising just to the east and he could see wheat fields ahead of him that seemed to go on forever. Grampy liked the prairies and the wide open space.

“Well,” said Grampy, turning the key. “We’re on our way to the mountains now.”

Through Manitoba and then Saskatchewan they drove. Grampy stopped at the Alberta border and that night he spent the night in a small Alberta town. Grampy just had to buy himself a cowboy hat. He couldn’t resist it. He took his guitar into he motel room with him that night and sang himself a couple of old country and western songs before going to sleep.

Grampy had steak and eggs for breakfast that morning and he thought that was the best steak that he had ever had. He then remembered he was in Alberta, which was well-known for cattle ranches. Grampy was in heaven but the best part of the trip was still not over yet.

Grampy and his Little Green Car drove past some buffalo ranches that morning. He stopped to take a look at them. Buffalo were totally awesome and all Grampy could think of when looking at them was a big, juicy buffalo burger. Grampy’s mouth was watering and luckily for Grampy there was a restaurant just up ahead that sold the most amazing buffalo burgers ever.

After lunch, Grampy continued on his trip. Pretty soon he could see the start of the mountains. Oh, he was so excited. He could hardly believe his eyes. He knew the Rocky Mountains were beautiful but he never expected just how breathtaking and beautiful they were. Some of the mountains still had snow on them too.

Grampy and his Little Green Car saw so much wildlife just between the Alberta and the BC border. They saw a little grizzly bear cub, elk, deer and some mountain sheep. Grampy saw a baby mountain sheep walking up the side of the highway in Jasper, Alberta. Grampy stopped to take a picture and the baby mountain sheep poked his head into Grampy’s Little Green Car. Grampy gently pushed the baby away and rolled up the windows.

Grampy was now deep into the Rocky Mountains. He kept commenting on the enormous size of them and was amazed at just how many mountains there were. Grampy thought the British Columbia was the most amazing province that he had ever seen.

Grampy continued on until he reached the Pacific Ocean. He got out of the Little Green Car and he just had to stick his toe in the Pacific Ocean. Grampy had been to the Atlantic Ocean before and now he has been to the Pacific Ocean, too. Grampy stopped that night and had seafood for dinner. He had Pacific salmon, shrimp and a bit of lobster.

Grampy headed for home the next day but he knew this was a trip he would never forget. The Little Green Car ran beautifully all the way there and only had one minor mishap. He got a nail in his back tire. With a brand new back tire, Grampy knew his Little Green Car would make the trip back home safe and sound.

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