Winter Warmth

“This has been an unusual cold winter,” said Grandma, shivering while trying to make a pot of tea.

“We do live in Fredericton, New Brunswick,” said Bright Idea. “We do get some nasty winter weather.”

“That we do,” said Grandma. “I would like to build a fire. Would you mind bringing in some wood?”

“I can do that,” said Bright Idea.

“Just be careful,” said Grandma. “I don’t want you to crack that light bulb head of yours open.”

“I will be careful,” said Bright Idea.

When Bright Idea was a bit younger, he was turned into a light bulb. He does have to be careful because his head is made of glass. However, he tries not to let this stop him.

Bright Idea brought in about ten armfuls of firewood from outside. He was so cold.

“Whose bright idea was it to bring in firewood on such a cold day?” asked Bright Idea. “I am freezing.”

“Come warm up by the fire,” said Grandma. “I know it is cold outside but I am grateful you brought in the firewood.”

“Thank you,” said Bright Idea, slowly warming up. “Actually I do realize it is nice to have some warm heat in here on such a cold day.”

“It is,” agreed Grandma, enjoying the heat as well.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is important to stay warm in cold winter weather.
  • Example: Bright Idea appreciated the nice warm fire in the fireplace after he brought in firewood for Grandma.

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