Hillbilly Bob’s Valentine’s Date

“What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?” Hillbilly Bob’s friend, Pete, asked him.

“I don’t know yet,” said Hillbilly Bob. “I thought I might ask Teresa Ann if she wanted to go for dinner.”

“She is busy Valentine’s Day,” said Pete.

“How do you know what her plans are?” asked Hillbilly Bob, angrily.

“I asked her out,” said Pete.

“How could you do such a thing?” asked Hillbilly Bob, a wave of jealousy coming over him. “You know she is my girl.”

“Is she?” asked Pete.

“What is that supposed to mean?” asked Hillbilly Bob.

“You haven’t even asked her if she would go steady with you,” said Pete.

Hillbilly Bob stormed out of the garage and he headed straight to the jewelry store. He bought an engagement ring.

After he had paid for the ring, he went straight to the flower shop where Theresa Ann was working. The flower shop was packed but Hillbilly Bob didn’t care.

“Theresa Ann,” said Hillbilly Bob, getting down on one knee. “Will you marry me?”

“Yes,” said Theresa Ann, giving Hillbilly Bob a big hug and kiss. “I will marry you!”

Hillbilly Bob placed the ring on her finger while everyone in the flower shop cheered.

“There is one thing I need to do,” said Theresa Ann.

“Cancel your date with Pete,” said Hillbilly Bob.

“Yes,” said Theresa Ann.

“You are busy here,” said Hillbilly Bob. “I will do it for you.”

“Sure,” said Theresa Ann. “That would be great.”

“Pete,” said Hillbilly Bob, stepping into the garage with a big grin on his face. “What are you doing on Valentine’s Day?”

“I told you,” said Pete. “I have a date with Theresa Ann.”

“Not anymore you don’t,” said Hillbilly Bob. “I just asked her to marry me.”

“Congratulations,” said Pete. “I guess I will be looking for another date then. I won’t interfere with another man’s girl when they are engaged.”

“Thank you, Pete,” said Hillbilly Bob. “I appreciate that.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It isn’t nice to be jealous.
  • Example: Hillbilly Bob became jealous when his friend, Pete, asked Theresa Ann on a date.

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