Frankie’s Wilted Roses

Frankie’s Wilted Roses …

“What are you doing for Anna on Valentine’s Day?” asked Marvin, Frankie the Monster’s homeless friend.

“I am not sure,” said Frankie. “This will be our first Valentine’s Day together.”

“Then you’d better do something special,” said Marvin. “Women love roses.”

“I would imagine they do,” said Frankie. “However, I just don’t have the money for roses. They are very expensive.”

“Meet me here at noon on Valentine’s Day,” said Marvin. “I will get you some roses.”

“That would be great,” said Frankie.

Valentine’s Day came around. Frankie met Marvin behind the dumpster that he hung around at. Marvin handed Frankie a dozen assorted coloured roses.

“These are wonderful,” said Frankie. “What do I owe you?”

“How about a cup of Anna’s coffee?” asked Marvin.

“I could arrange for that,” said Frankie.

Frankie took the roses to the diner where Anna worked. He waited until she was finished serving her customer and then he handed them to her.

“They are beautiful,” said Anna.

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” said Frankie, giving Anna a kiss on her cheek.

Frankie ordered a cup of coffee for Marvin. He paid for it and left.

“Look at what that monster gave that poor waitress,” snickered one customer to her friend. “Those roses are wilted.”

“You know,” said Anna, who overheard the customer. “Yes, those roses may be wilted but that so-called monster that gave them to me happens to be the sweetest and kindest man I have ever met. He could never afford to buy me proper roses, but, to me, it is the thought that counts. I don’t need some fancy roses to know how much he cares about me.”

The customer never said another word. However, she did leave Anna a fairly hefty tip.

Anna took her wilted roses home with her that night. She put them in a vase and gave them some plant food. They perked up for a few days but then they died. Anna took each rose and pressed them into a book, preserving them.


Moral of this Story:

  • Love has no boundaries.
  • Example: A customer complained about the wilted roses Frankie left for Anna but Anna didn’t care. She loved them.
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