Mr. Winter is Jealous

“It is a nice winter day,” said Mr. Winter, taking Victoria’s hand in his.

“I am enjoying this walk,” said Victoria. “There is a slight warmth to the air. It feels good.”

“I can turn the temperature up for you,” said Mr. Winter.

“Actually this is perfect,” said Victoria. “It is winter and we should have some cold days.”

“I suppose you are right,” said Mr. Winter.

Mr. Winter found out that he was in control of winter weather. He could make the temperature rise or fall and he could make it snow whenever he wanted. After all, he was winter.

“I don’t want to take advantage of the fact that I am dating you,” said Victoria.

“You don’t need to worry about that,” said Mr. Winter.

“I will be right back,” said Victoria, walking away.

Mr. Winter saw Victoria walk up the path. He could see her talking to a young, handsome man. The young man put his hand Victoria’s shoulder. Mr Winter was seething with jealousy.

Without thinking too much about it, Mr. Winter reached up to the thermometer in the sky and turned it down. He then reached up and created two storm clouds. Within minutes, it was snowing.

Victoria quickly walked over to where Mr. Winter was. She was upset because she had no idea why Mr. Winter turned down the temperature and made it snow.

“I saw that young man put his hand on your shoulder,” said Mr. Winter, when Victoria confronted him. “I suppose I was jealous.”

“That young man is my brother,” said Victoria.

“Oh dear!” exclaimed Mr. Winter, reaching up and turning the temperature back up. “I feel embarrassed.”

“It is okay,” said Victoria. “You didn’t know. I forgive you.”

“Good,” said Mr. Winter. “I would be really upset if you didn’t.”

“How about making a little bit of snow?” asked Victoria.

Mr. Winter reached up into the sky and separated the storm clouds so that the snow was just barely falling.

“Now that is nice,” said Victoria. “Thank you.”

“You are welcome,” said Mr. Winter, giving Victoria a kiss on her cheek.

Moral of this Story:

    • Jealousy is not a good trait to have.
    • Example: Mr. Winter saw Victoria talking to a young man and he became jealous. The young man turned out to be Victoria’s brother.
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