Losing Control of Winter

Mr. Winter was taking a leisurely walk one cold winter day. It seemed he was the only one outside enjoying the weather, “Mr. Winter,” said one of his neighbours, Mrs. Johnson, from her front porch. “It is much too cold today. Can you please be a dear and turn the thermostat up? Oh, and my […] Read More

Challenging Winter Day

“It is a beautiful winter day,” said Mr. Winter. “Would you like to go skiing?” “You know I can’t ski,” said Victoria. “I thought we were going to go skating. We talked about this yesterday.” “But I made it super warm today just for you,” said Mr. Winter. “You know that making it too warm […] Read More

A Slushy Winter Day

“Thank you for the lovely dinner,” said Mr. Winter. “I am in a very good mood right now.” “I am glad,” said Mr. Winter’s girlfriend, Victoria. “It was a very nice dinner.” “I think I am going to have some fun with winter,” said Mr. Winter. “What kind of fun?” asked Victoria, who was a […] Read More

Mr. Winter Makes Winter Too Warm

“Oh Victoria,” said Mr. Winter, when he picked her up one winter evening for their date. “You look so beautiful. I am very much in love with you.” “I am in love with you too,” said Victoria. “Meeting you is the best thing that has ever happened to me.” Mr. Winter and Victoria have been […] Read More

Mr. Winter is Jealous

“It is a nice winter day,” said Mr. Winter, taking Victoria’s hand in his. “I am enjoying this walk,” said Victoria. “There is a slight warmth to the air. It feels good.” “I can turn the temperature up for you,” said Mr. Winter. “Actually this is perfect,” said Victoria. “It is winter and we should […] Read More

Mr. Winter In and Out of Love

“Doesn’t Mr. Winter know that Victoria is only going out with him because he controls the winter weather,” Mr. Winter overheard someone say. “Is that true?” asked Mr. Winter to himself. “Is that the only reason she agreed to go out with me? She did ask me to make sure I had the temperature turned […] Read More

Mr. Winter and Christmas Snow

The winter season had just begun and there was no snow. “Christmas was only a few days away!” cried Mrs. Turner, when she saw Mr. Winter walking downtown in Calgary, Alberta. “No snow yet! Christmas is right around the corner. It would be nice if we had some snow.” “Where is all the snow for […] Read More

Meet Mr. Winter

Welcome to the Meet Mr. Winter page. Mr. Winter is a character I created for the winter season. He started out being a very lovable and gentle man but that was before the love of his life married someone else without telling him. He found out she was married when he showed up to propose […] Read More

Mr. Winter’s Icy Heart

Mr. Winter was very depressed about the fact that he had lost Penelope, the love of his life. She married another man and Mr. Winter only found that out when he asked her to marry him. “I am very depressed,” said Mr. Winter to himself. “I don’t see how I will ever be able to […] Read More

Mr. Winter and Penelope

“I miss Penelope very much,” cried Mr. Winter. “Somehow I have to get over her and move on with my life.” Mr. Winter asked Penelope to marry him but unfortunately, he was too late. She married Mr. Smith instead. That decision broke his heart. It made him the most miserable person there ever was. Mr. […] Read More