Mr. Winter Falls in Love Again

A few times in the past week Mr. Winter saw a beautiful red-headed woman, Victoria. He saw her when a crowd gathered around his home to complain about the weather. It was love at first sight for him and when Mr. Winter falls in love, everyone knows it because Mr. Winter has control over the winter weather.

“I must get up the courage to speak with Victoria,” said Mr. Winter on a rather warm winter day. “I have never seen anyone as beautiful as she is.”

Mr. Winter saw Victoria sitting on a bench in the park. She was all by herself.

“This might be the perfect time to talk to her,” said Mr. Winter, as he approached the bench.

Mr. Winter walked over to the bench but, try as he might, he found he couldn’t speak. Instead, he stood beside Victoria and gazed into her beautiful auburn eyes.

“You are Mr. Winter,” Victoria spoke when she recognized him. “You are the one that controls winter. I want to thank you for the beautiful winter weather you have given us.”

“It is my pleasure,” Mr. Winter heard himself say. “Would you like to go for dinner with me?”

Mr. Winter was so proud of himself. He couldn’t believe that he had gotten up the nerve to ask Victoria out on a date.

“As long as you keep the weather like this,” said Victoria. “I would love to go to dinner with you.”

“I can definitely arrange that,” said Mr. Winter. “Besides, I think everyone has had their fair share of cold weather.”

“I can say for certain that I have,” said Victoria.

“Then, it’s a deal,” said Mr. Winter, feeling his icy heart warm up.


Moral of this Story:

  • Love can melt an icy heart.
  • Example: Mr. Winter fell in love with a red-headed woman, Victoria. Ever since he first saw her, he kept the winter temperatures bearable.

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