Snow Fairy Finds Warmth

Finds Warmth … “This winter has been so cold,” said Snow Fairy to herself as she went outside to collect her mail. “I do hope it warms up soon.” Snow Fairy is not the type to complain. She is sweet and innocent. However, Snow Fairy was correct, it has been a very cold winter so […] Read More

Autumn Elf Loves Autumn Colours

“Autumn Elf,” called his sister, Stella. “It is a beautiful autumn day. We should do something. It won’t be long until the weather turns cold.” “Leave me alone,” said Autumn Elf in a grouchy tone of voice. “I don’t feel like doing anything today.” “Why are you so grouchy?” asked Stella. “I don’t know,” said […] Read More

Meet Autumn Elf

Welcome to the Meet Autumn Elf page. I created Autumn Elf in September 2016. He is a character I created for the Autumn Story Challenge 2016. Autumn Elf is an orange coloured maple leaf with human qualities such as arms, feet, eyes, nose and a mouth. His younger sister, Stella, is a real person, not […] Read More

Early Flowers

“I am so happy to see the sun shining,” said Mrs. Tulip, waking up from her long winter nap. “Good morning,” said Mr. Squirrel. “I see you are awake.” “Yes,” said Mrs. Tulip. “I am awake and it feels so good.” “Aren’t you a little early?” asked Mr. Squirrel. “Tulips are early flowers,” said Mrs. […] Read More

Prairie Kid and a Warm Christmas

“Oh my goodness!” exclaimed Prairie Kid about a week before Christmas. “It sure is cold on the prairies this year. At least we have lots of snow this year.” “Alberta is a funny province when it comes to weather,” said Prairie Kid’s neighbour, Joe. “It changes so drastically from year to year.” “It certainly does,” […] Read More

Cold Days of Summer

Fawn and Spot were inside their new barn in Calgary, Alberta. It was the middle of summer and yet you wouldn’t know it from the weather. “It is cold for this time of the year,” said Spot. “Yes,” agreed Fawn. “It is.” “I am seriously considering turning on the furnace,” said Spot. “That is a […] Read More

Rancher Girl’s Cold January

Rancher Girl is a sister of Mountain Kid, Prairie Kid, City Kid and Fishing Kid. Rancher Girl lives on a ranch outside of Calgary, Alberta with her ten year old daughter, Amie. It is now January in Alberta and it is very, very cold. “There won’t be any school today,” said Rancher Girl to Amie, […] Read More

A Cold Easter

The Easter Bunny poked his head out of his den. “Oh my!” he exclaimed, shivering. “It is very cold weather outside. I will have to put an extra layer of fur on.” The Easter Bunny could not believe how cold it was outside. It felt like it was still the middle of winter. The Easter […] Read More