Storm Angel and a Very Bad Storm

“I am in the best mood I have been in,” said Storm Angel. “It does look like we are going to have the biggest storm we have had in decades. I have just created a very bad storm.”

“I am glad you are happy,” said Storm Angel’s best friend, Sally. “I sure don’t want that storm to come. I am sick of winter.”

“You are going to have to put up with winter for a few months yet,” said Storm Angel. “We are only at the beginning of winter.”

Storm Angel was very happy. He wanted to dance. He wanted to celebrate a beautiful season. He wanted this particular winter season to be full of cold, cold weather.

Storm Angel went downstairs. He stepped on a nail that was sticking up through the floor.

“Oh dear!” exclaimed Sally. “It looks like you hurt your foot.”

“Yes,” said Storm Angel. “Now I am going to have to go to the drugstore to get something for my foot.”

“That would be a good idea,” said Sally.

“I’m not looking forward to going out in that weather,” said Storm Angel.

“What are you talking about?” asked Sally. “You are Storm Angel. I thought you liked storms.”

“I do,” said Storm Angel. “But only when I can watch them from inside.”

Storm Angel dressed warm. He decided he would walk to the drugstore because it would have taken too long for him to brush the snow from the car. It took him much longer to get to the drugstore than it should have. There was a foot of snow that he had to trudge through.

“That is a lot of snow out there,” said Mr. Harvey, the pharmacist.

“Oh yes,” said Storm Angel. “It sure is.”

“I will be glad when winter is over,” said Mr. Harvey.

“I now understand why people feel that way about storms,” said Storm Angel.


Moral of this Story:

  • Always be careful what you create, unless you know the effects of it.
  • Example: Storm Angel creates a very bad storm but he doesn’t like to go out in it.

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