Snow Fairy Keeps Warm with Hot Chocolate

Keeps Warm with Hot Chocolate …

“Oh my goodness!” exclaimed Snow Fairy to herself, getting out of bed. “We are having such cold weather outside.”

Snow Fairy got dressed as quickly as she could. She put on a pair of wool socks and the warmest sweater she could find.

“That didn’t help,” said Snow Fairy, still cold. “I sure hope I warm up soon.”

Snow Fairy went into the kitchen. She saw her friend, Rambler Rabbit, coming up the driveway.

“Oh Rambler,” said Snow Fairy. “It is so nice to see you.”

“It is very cold outside today,” said Rambler. “Are you cold?”

“I am freezing,” said Snow Fairy.

“Let’s get you warmed up,” said Rambler.

Snow Fairy and Rambler searched through the kitchen cupboard.

“Let’s make some hot chocolate,” said Rambler, taking a can of hot chocolate mix out of the cupboard.

Snow Fairy filled the kettle and put it on the stove to boil. Rambler got out two mugs and she found some marshmallows.

“This hot chocolate sure warmed me up,” said Snow Fairy. “This was a good idea.”

“Yes it is,” said Rambler.

“I am nice and warm now,” said Snow Fairy.

“Me too!” exclaimed Rambler.


Moral of this Story:

  • Stay warm in cold weather.
  • Example: It was very cold. Snow Fairy and Rambler made some hot chocolate and that kept them warm.


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