Snow Fairy Wants To Go Ice Skating

Snow Fairy looked out her kitchen window. It actually looked like a nice day. It wasn’t snowing and the sun was shining bright. There was a clear blue sky.

“It looks so nice outside,” thought Snow Fairy. “It is hard to imagine that it is winter.”

Snow Fairy had no plans to do anything but she didn’t want to waste such a warm winter day.

“I will call Rambler and find out what he is doing,” said Snow Fairy.

Rambler Rabbit was Snow Fairy’s friend. He lived just down the road, up a hill, down a hill and around a bend. Snow Fairy had just picked up her phone when she saw Rambler hopping up her driveway.

“Oh Rambler,” said Snow Fairy, giving him a big hug. “It is such a beautiful day outside today. Let’s do something. I don’t want to waste this beautiful day.”

“I was just going to ask you if you would like to go ice skating,” said Rambler, carrying his skates over his shoulder.

“I would love to,” said Snow Fairy.

Snow Fairy got her skates and while she was doing that, Rambler made sure she dressed warmly.

“But it is so nice outside,” said Snow Fairy.

“Yes,” said Rambler. “It is. However, I know that you get cold easily.”

Snow Fairy didn’t argue with Rancher. She knew he was right.

“That was so much fun,” said Snow Fairy, once, they were back at Snow Fairy’s house.

“Yes,” said Rambler. “Were you nice and warm?”

“I was just starting to get a little bit chilly near the end,” said Snow Fairy. “Thank you for making sure I was nice and warm.”

“That’s what friends are for,” said Rambler.


Moral of this Story:

  • Keep warm when going ice skating.
  • Example: Rambler Rabbit made sure Snow Fairy dressed warm when she went ice skating because he knows she gets cold easily.

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